Monday, 20 September 2010

Tickety Boo Tupney Updates.

Well I’m back from Goodwood and a weekend in London -so expect to hear about Tupneys adventures, twittering about the display and a post entitled ‘It’s in the Air!’ All will be here very soon (Famous last words!)

Pip Pip

Friday, 10 September 2010

Nearly Shipshape and ready for the Off!

I’m afraid; I’m Procrastinating by scribbling a quick message. I should be packing up my display ready for tomorrow. - Been very naughty indeed as I only started putting it together today so I’m certainly felling the pressure at the mo. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute hey? Hay ho it’s me own fault I suppose. ..Sigh! I haven’t even washed my hair, it’s been a week today (icky or what?) It’s to save time in the morning, otherwise it takes me far too long to brush out and restyle -anyway who will know when I’m wearing a hat?

Let’s hope for good weather as I don’t fancy being drizzled on for the whole day….
Expect to see lots of photos of the display.

Note to self- must take camera.

Oh well back to the grindstone- no rest for the wicked.

From a not so Tickety boo Tupney x
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