Thursday, 28 June 2012

It has grapes and everything...

Hullo Kiddies, Tupney calling!

 This is a post that wasn’t meant to be, and as usual I became distracted by the wardrobe of depression- cue a ghoulish howl!

I fought my way through the barricades (in other words I moved my old wooden horse/airer that’s in front of my wardrobe!) and started my mission with much vim and vigour, which let me tell you ended as soon as I opened the door… do you think I could find the darn thing I was after? No is the ruddy answer! I was determined; well, to an extent to find my early 40’s brown dress that was to be worn under my newest of new knitteds. I still don’t know where it is, but I did find another one (equally depressing as it no longer fits) that I thought would do instead. In the end it wasn’t quite right as the colour was quite hideous placed next to the raspberry of my woolly. So there was me, all tarted up in an ill fitting dress and wondering what could be done to make it a wearable dress again, oh, and one that doesn’t involve cutting and as little sewing as possible…..
*Beware this is a picture heavy blogette, with very little change between each snap!*

  *You will have to excuse the unsightly wrinkles and bulges as my slip was too long for the dress, and as for those legs, well...*

*…See! I had to tuck the slip into my knickers- I kid ye not. Oh what I have to do for this blog….*
A Close up of the rather pretty grape decoration.

My only idea was to stick another skirt underneath, and voila, I now have a late thirties tunic style evening frock! I thought it worked quite well. OK, so I still have the quandary of actually finding a place to wear it to, but at least I can now wear it if such an occasion occurs!

 *You will also have to excuse me for not buttoning up properly!*

About to do the hankie trick to some poor unsuspecting creature and here’s hoping he picks it up, eh!
*Ok so I will pick it up myself then….*

...and one last one, I promise ;-)

Sincerely yours.
Tuppy xxx

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Leicester Square Rag Song

Tickety's Tip Top Tunes

I can't begin tell you how much I love Harry Roy and his band, but lets just say I like them quite a bit!

This tune isn't my favourite of his, though don't get me wrong it is indeedy still a corker! No, my favourite song is still to be found in sheet form- I have Billy Cotton’s version, but not Harry boys.... I’m not going to tell you what it is; otherwise you will know what will be coming in next week’s edition! I’ve got to maintain some suspense to this here blog.

For some unknown reason I have two versions of this tune in sheet music and both featuring Harry Roy- I'm not complaining or nothing, but it is a little queer that I would buy another! All I can think is, either I had a memory lapse or it must be a subconscious thing.... Harry Roy = MUST BUY!

Quite a jolly old song isn't it!
In my opinion I think this tune would be a good’un to dance to… ok so I can’t dance myself (where's Victor Sylvester when you need him eh?), but I can see the potential for a bit of rug cutting nonetheless!

Cheerio from a Leicester Square Ragamuffin

Tupney xxx

Monday, 25 June 2012

Blog of the Month at Va-Voom Vintage!

Arhhh, my pappy took that- shame my earring is wonky though...
A while ago the lovely Brittany over at Va-Voom Vintage asked me if I would like to be part of her blog of the month thingy, and I of course said oaky doke! (Anybody remember that children’s programme?) Well anyway, it finally happened after much stalling on my part- you see I had a few not so good weeks and very little enthusiasm (surprise, surprise!), but in the end we got there!

You have probably seen it already, but I thought I would share the link here too.

On another note I must say how embarrassing (but wonderful), it was to read all the AMAZING comments my blogger chums old and new wrote about it! It’s such and odd feeling to read such comments about yours truly that  aren’t actually directed to you- lets just say I went a little rosy!

Thank you again Brittany :)

Ta –ra me lovelies
Your Tuppy  xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Quick Curly Top Tupney Style.

Hullo Girls and Boys, Tupney here!

Today’s witterings will almost certainly not be of any interest to the men folk, so if you be a fella  (?) I tells ya look away now and go do some tinkering in the shed, build walls, read a newspaper or fiddle with an engine, as I'm about to talk about hair styling (groan!). You can, of course, stay and have a chuckle at the silly photos, if you like....

Well my girlie-wigs, I had my barnet cut on Monday and I decided not set it after the chop like I normally would (shock, horror!). Why? Well I wanted to have a nice curly top ready for the weekend’s happenings, so instead I did a bit of experimental hair twirling- otherwise known as pin curling to normal people!

Thankfully, but also annoyingly I have a lot of hair (My hair dresser says it grows like a bush- haha!) and the mere thought of pin curling my whole noggin fills me with dread, and in my desperation (I absolutely hate my normal hair by the way) I decided to pin curl just the front, then went to Bedfordshire.

Well anyway, I was quite pleased with the results and thought I would share the 'how to' as it takes no time at all, is fairly 40’s-ish and it also might help you out on those ‘cant be bothered days’ too!


So you will need:

*A head, with hair- preferably a female one with shoulder length or longer hair. I got my fringe cut to my nose, which actually I was a bit worried about as I thought my nose was longer, but thankfully you can still work with a 6 inch fringe!
*A comb and your favourite brush.
*Kirby grips.
*Dinkie curlers  (in the end I used some rollers for the stubborn bits!)

Notes: I'm working with bone dry, clean hair. Naturally the results would be a lot crisper and longer lasting if done on towel dried hair, spritzed with setting lotion!


1. Just one to show what I'm working with!
2.Section the back from the front, separating from your ear straight up to your parting on both sides.

 3. Pull back the back and roll upwards...
4. ..and Pin!
Notes: if you want better curls, make the sections smaller, like you would if you were pin curling properly!
5.The finished roll...(hehe nearly crossed eyes in this one!)
6. Start sectioning off the front sides and rolling the pincurls up towards you parting- I made three on each side...
7. At the top make about four or five more pin curls, rolling either towards, or away from you parting depending on if you want a wave or would rather a roll!
8. The finished setting. You may be able to get away without the dinkies.
 Note: I have used dinkies on the very top- adding a couple of extra due to my new very short layers and heavy hair.
Now go off, have a shower, go to bed, waste time on the Internet, or if you are like me... get dressed!
In other words leave it for a while!


1.Brush all the left hand curls together- brushing up and out and smoothing the ends, then leave for the time being. Do the same on the other side.
2. Start brushing the top, pulling upwards and again, smoothing the ends.
Don't worry, the clown look wont last for long!

3.Brush the very front curls right back, then push back with whichever hand your brush isn't in. This should form the wave.
4. Still with your other hand holding the wave, keep combing and pulling until you get the desired look/ wave, then pin. If you have done this on dry hair you may need some brylcreem to smooth out the frizz!
5. Go back to the side parts and start backcombing- just enough to give you a little 'stay'. If you want more body in the side swishes (That's a technical term!!!) then keep on backcombing!

6. After backcombing keep each side piece in your hand and comb over a finger (not the chocolate variety!) to form an end curl and pin near the curl.
7. Brush out the back (I just kept on brushing downwards. I didn't bother to brush any of the curls back in.) Oh and my whole left arm seems to have disappeared- I was actually brushing if you see the mirror's reflection!

8. With your fingers push down towards your face.
Spray with some hair spray and then admire your new hair-do

Yes I know. I didn't get a very good picture of the end result.... I had quite a nice front wave too- bloomin' typical! My excuse is that I was rushed for time!

So there you have it...
Tuppy's quick curly top!

Cheerio All
Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tickety's Tip Top Tunes- Double

Serenade In Blue
I've got a gal in Kalamazoo

This weeks tip top tunes is in memory of the ever so beautiful Ann Rutherford, who sadly passed away on June 11th.

I have chosen two great tunes from the film Orchestra Wives, in which Ann starred along side George Montgomery (Carole Landis, Cesar Romero and the wooden top, Glenn Miller and his band also feature!).
 The film is great fun, but I do think George's character is a real stinker and he most certainly doesn't deserve our lovely Ann! Well actually, I'm pretty sure I wasn't taken by George, though I could be mistaken as it's quite a long time since I last watched the film..... Now if that isn't a worthy excuse get out the dvd, then I don't know what is?

Any roads up, here are the sheet music and tunes to match....

of course, I don't want her outfit and hat- no, not at all!

Quite some dress that Lynn Bari is wearing, ain't it!
(haha great grammar!) hair isn't bad either...
(oh I'm such a girl!)

I think this song is grand, but is the sort of tune that gets stuck in your mind!

This clip has been taken form the film and also showcases the A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Nicholas Brothers- my can those fellas dance…. You most certainly wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with their dance routines….. ouch! Oh and wont you just look at the cracking Miss Marion Hutton- how cool is she!

Ann Rutherford
2 November, 1917- 11 June 2012


Happy Tip Top Tunes All
Tupney xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Anchors Away!

Well shiver me timbers, Tupney be showing her legs!
I know, shock horror!
Well needs must, as you can’t show off a playsuit wearing woolly stockings!

Made by my Mammy dearest in the summer of last (what little summer we did have), before the hot weather changed to the usual grot. Bloomin’ typical is what I say- just as I get a snazzy suit to prance around the garden in, it dampens and cools!
It hasn’t even been properly worn yet, as I’m terribly fussy about where and when I wear my ‘leisure only’ appropriate clothes- I’m not like these modern misses, who seem to wear the ‘in’ playsuits anywhere and everywhere! 
But anyway, that’s enough of my clothing eccentricities!

 I’m not quite sure why I never got around to doing the ‘show and tell’, well, most probably laziness, but better late than never eh!

So said in a salty sea dogs lilt…. ''Ere you arrrre my lover, 'ere be me playsuit!’'
Oh and lots of very silly photos :-D

Doing my best Shirley Pimple….. I mean Templeimpression. ;-)

Ahoy there young jolly jack-tar!

I think I'll try this hat next...

… No, maybe this hat is best….

Yupn this is the one...
The Back...

Made from a 1930's pattern in a rather fetching blue cotton, dotted with red and navy anchors... well, anchors with hearts on!

Do you like my 30's Anchor brooch too? Twas a pressie from my big sis- couldn't be more perfect for this outfit, eh!

Hehe- I've just noticed the pink curl (I wasn't brave enough to going back to being a pinkie full time!) Blimey! These photos are really a year old!
Sincerely Yours

Tupney xxx

Monday, 4 June 2012

All Over The Place

Ah, this weeks Tip Top Tune is one my all time favourite tunes. We won’t acknowledge the fact that my list of favourite tunes is rather long, but nevertheless I just loves it, I do!!! I also have this tune on a 78, which is very prized indeed.

From the 1940 film ‘Sailors Three’, which also stars the lovely Michael Wilding and Claude Hulbert. Tommy Trinder and chums (the three sailors- hence the title) find themselves on board an enemy ship, which, unsurprisingly, leads to disastrous consequences and hilarious turnabouts (well, at any rate they make me chuckle!). Of course, they are victorious in the end, with Tommy also getting the girl- even though they only met the day before! Ah well, it’s nothing you wouldn’t expect to happen in a wartime British comedy- all very patriotic!

This is actually one of the few Trinder films that doesn't make me depressed- you put me in front of the gogglie box to watch 'Foreman went to France' and 'The bells go down' and there will be tears!

Anyway enough of my babble, here’s the tune, or should I say........ wait for it!
(please stick with it, as after the titles the song will appear!)

Isn't it one of the most joyous tunes you have ever heard (say yes or I'll give you a bop on the old noggin!)?
Seeing this clip makes me want to get out the DVD boxset again...

my lovelies

Tupney xxx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Coronation Crackers!!!

Tis here, Tis here!
The day of joyous jubilation's for Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee has at last arrived!
If I wasn't to be stuck in a church, guarding my treasures, and poking anyone that touches me stuff with a stick (only joking... am I?), then I would be in the big city of Londinium with my sister (if she would have me!), waving flags with much merriment, and wearing my special hat, whilst all the little (and big) boats pass by on the Flotilla- Sounds rather nice, but ah well, back to reality- the church it is(see the last post for the reason why!)
(Pa said  the TV coverage on the flotilla starts at 13:30 tomorrow if you are like me and cannot be there!)
And so to the last bits n’ bobs from my ever growing collection of Corrie crackers...
First up is this colourful calendar- what day is it anyone... anything special happening perchance?

Something for the well dressed man about town, perhaps?

Cracking bit of neck wear, eh!

...And if you are inclined to be a bit weepy about such occasions (you should see me when I'm watching the remembrance service!) then you must have a hankie to hand!

And why not let it be a Coronation one!

Of course on such an occasion, one must have a hat...
...Will this one do?

This AMAZING hat and handmade apron was bought from a flea (about a year ago?), and the Lady who I bought it off said it was worn by Roy's (I think!) mother at their Birmingham street party!
I really want to wear this hat out tomorrow night, but Ma says she will disown me if I do- I think it's rather a natty hat myself!

Well that is it folks, the end of  22 weeks worth of Coronation crackers!
All over- no more- finito!
Actually, I have quite a few treasures form the '37 coronation and Edward VIII bits too- hey that's an idea.........

Well I'll love you and leave you-
all terrified at the thought of yet more Corrie crackers, no doubt!
But don't worry, I'm not that evil. Anyway, it's RAF week next- haha!

Tickety Boo Tupney
Officially all Jubileeeeeed out!

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