Thursday, 28 June 2012

It has grapes and everything...

Hullo Kiddies, Tupney calling!

 This is a post that wasn’t meant to be, and as usual I became distracted by the wardrobe of depression- cue a ghoulish howl!

I fought my way through the barricades (in other words I moved my old wooden horse/airer that’s in front of my wardrobe!) and started my mission with much vim and vigour, which let me tell you ended as soon as I opened the door… do you think I could find the darn thing I was after? No is the ruddy answer! I was determined; well, to an extent to find my early 40’s brown dress that was to be worn under my newest of new knitteds. I still don’t know where it is, but I did find another one (equally depressing as it no longer fits) that I thought would do instead. In the end it wasn’t quite right as the colour was quite hideous placed next to the raspberry of my woolly. So there was me, all tarted up in an ill fitting dress and wondering what could be done to make it a wearable dress again, oh, and one that doesn’t involve cutting and as little sewing as possible…..
*Beware this is a picture heavy blogette, with very little change between each snap!*

  *You will have to excuse the unsightly wrinkles and bulges as my slip was too long for the dress, and as for those legs, well...*

*…See! I had to tuck the slip into my knickers- I kid ye not. Oh what I have to do for this blog….*
A Close up of the rather pretty grape decoration.

My only idea was to stick another skirt underneath, and voila, I now have a late thirties tunic style evening frock! I thought it worked quite well. OK, so I still have the quandary of actually finding a place to wear it to, but at least I can now wear it if such an occasion occurs!

 *You will also have to excuse me for not buttoning up properly!*

About to do the hankie trick to some poor unsuspecting creature and here’s hoping he picks it up, eh!
*Ok so I will pick it up myself then….*

...and one last one, I promise ;-)

Sincerely yours.
Tuppy xxx


  1. Yes that works very well, lovely frock (er tunic)
    and a good colour on you.

  2. Bravo! Was that always a short dress, or are you a tall girlie? Very clever thinking though Tups, I'd still be staring at me knees in the mirror! Have yourself a luverly evening, pip-pip x

    1. Well there’s no way I would wear it that short in public! I’m fairly tall about 5’8 (I think) but I’m also quite long from hip to the old knees- a bloomin’ nuisance it is!

  3. That dress is stunning! It looks quite wonderful paired with an evening skirt, and you even have shoes to match--I hope an occasion to wear it out and about presents itself soon!

  4. Gogeous dress.... wow! You look stunning.

  5. Thank you everyone. I take it that the tunic idea is a keeper then :)
    Tups xxx

  6. That is a beautiful dress and what a clever idea to put that skirt under it! Your hair is just stunning, so perfect - very jealous :o) x

  7. Brilliant idea, it looks fantastic.

  8. Fabulous idea! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the trim on this, tunic!!! So great!

  9. I absolutely love the embellishment. Perhaps this is sacrilege, but how about turning it into a shorter blouse?
    -Melissa B.

  10. Fantastically lovely dress. So out-of-the-ordinary and marvelously pretty! You look gorgeous, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Don't be silly- you have very nice legs!

    And a very nifty idea, it looks very nice. Perhaps acessoirize it with something at the neck/head that takes up the colour of the long skirt? Or a belt? Then it will look very designed, me thinks. :)

  12. It looks great, I quite often do things like that when something is shorter than I'd like. Very interesting detail on the front. Is that padded work?
    As for losing things, I wouldn't worry, I found a shoe and a bar of chocolate in my hat box the other day, as to the when, why or anything else that resulted in them being there, I have no idea!

  13. Super fix! I must say I do exactly this with a 60s-70s twist... mini dress that's just TOO mini for a person of my age? Add a belt and wide trousers: it's a tunic-suit. It's a fantastic way of adjusting vintage without cutting and sewing!

    Oh, and I lose things ALL the time. Husband says this is because I have 'too many' clothes. I can still get in the front door, can't I?!?

  14. Oooh!!! I love it!!!! I love the grape detail and the colour. What about with dark brown woollen tights too? Love it with the trews :)

  15. I love this dress, with the skirt and on it's own, can you not just wear it down to Tesco?

  16. That dress is amazing! Such a shame about the length, but that double skirt trick definitely does the job and looks a treat!
    Ps. thanks for that flickr photo link! I couldn't remember my password for that account so couldn't reply! Jx

  17. I just discovered your blog from Va-Voom Vintage, and not only am I utterly in LOVE with that dress, but your blog in general! I'm looking forward to keeping up to date on a regular basis! Also, I believe I will be adding your blog to my links page.


  18. Such a great post!!!

    I'd like to keep in touch with you.
    What do you say about following each others blog via gfc and bloglovin?

    Let me know! Kisses,

  19. What a great dress!! Sad it's too short, I definitely have some of those. (Horror story: someone I know bought up about ten 40s gabardine skirt suits from a woman who hemmed all the skirts into "power suits" in the 80s... shudder!!!!) perhaps you could hem it into a peplumed blouse? Maybe one with the v-peplum in the back? Just a thought!

    Keep up the good work!


  20. Oh how I love grapes! I want to steal this design and make my own! I'll add it to the maybe one day project pile... Oh I suspect that pile is about 50 feet high now! :-D Beautiful dress!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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