Friday, 23 August 2013

Wings for Victory!

Hello ducks, tis me again…I know, I’m like a bus this week!

I’m back with another outfit post, but this time it’s a R.A.F. Special- fancy, eh!

A while back, can’t remember when, I had the ‘good’ idea of making a R.A.F. themed blouse. I wasn’t particularly sure on how I was going to go about creating this wondrous creation, all I knew was that I wanted it to be covered with raf bits ‘n bobs… well who wouldn’t want a blouse with filled with RAF bits eh?
First, I thought about drawing wing shapes and crests onto fabric using fabric pens or paint, and then I decided that embroidery was the way to go, even though it’s a right royal pain in the posterior. Honesty, I don’t know why I put myself through such trials!

Anyway, I had the perfect pattern in mind (see picture above) and the perfect material stashed away, so I had no excuse to not start….


As the blouse was of the yoked variety, I first drew around the yoke pattern so I could then play around with designs. Seeing as I'm on an embroidery kick at the moment (no idea why as I'm not keen on it!), I raided my transfers I had ready for my patchwork bedspread and chose a simple pair of wings. I scanned it in and jiggled the transfer around a bit- enlarging and decreasing the size so I had a bit of variety....
I then rearranged my bits (ha!) until I was happy with the design, and then stuck them down....
...but before I committed the design to the material, I made sure I was happy with embroidering the wings. Mind you, I wasn't that pleased with the first attempt. I had used two strands and thought it was too lumpy, so used only one strand on the real deal. Oh, and I used carbon paper and a steady-ish hand to transfer the design to the fabric!
I didn't go to town with the stitches as I wanted to keep it simple and quick!
Wings everywhere!
The finished panel.
The original pattern called for a ruffle... well, I made it, then decided I didn't want the hassle of putting it on! Next time I make this blouse I WILL put the ruffles on. I promise!.
The back fastens with little rouleau loops... now they were fun to make and sew... not! :(
... I decided to trim the cuff with ric- rac, and chose a colour to match the wings. I am now officially in love with the stuff!

I even felt stupid taking photo's on my own, hence the book on head snap! So goodness only knows what it would be like if someone was behind the camera!
I must apologise for the unsightly bulges! The skirt is also a new addition to my wardrobe, but because it took me so long to make, I may have put on some weight between the now and the start! The skirt may not have liked being worn over a slip, vest (I have no idea why I put one on) and suspenders either!

As I took the first snap a plane actually flew over... well timed or what!
Nothing interesting though :(
I must admit I'm rather pleased and proud of my efforts. But don't worry; I can still get my head through the opening!!! ;)
Mr Gnome gets in on the action too... he is on the left by the way, 'cause old monkey arms is on the right!
 (So sorry for the large amount of 'me' snaps!)

Have a wonderful bank holiday and/or weekend all!
Till the next time,
Tupps x
RAF Fridays so far...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cornish Capers: Part Two.

Hid-de-hi! It's me again, and I'm back with the second instalment of holiday snaps for your viewing pleasure! Here's the link to the first lot of snaps for all those who were lucky enough to have missed them the first time around!!! ;)

I'm afraid the information will be a little bit sketchy because I've forgotten most of what we got up to- tis the trouble with leaving it so long!
Day Four: Porthcurno Telegraph Museum & The Minack Theatre.
The Telegraph Museum

(Sorry about the uninspiring pictures- it was rather hard to capture anything nicely with such grey skies)

It's a fascinating place, showcasing the entire development of telegraph and wireless communications (who would have guessed with a name like that, eh?!), focusing on the importance of Porthcurno from the 1870's to the 1970's. Seems strange to think that such a small place in Cornwall was the main hub of international communication for all those years, connecting the UK with the Empire- pretty darn fancy I say! The main part of the museum is based in the wartime tunnels/ bunker thingies, which start at the left of the building (see above) and go back into the rocks behind. I can't for the life of me remember how far down they go, so don't ask! :p

They have a bloomin' fantastic collection of bits and bobs, with loads of equipment and memorabilia on show- also, you can try your hand at a bit of Morse code.... I was rubbish at it and don't think anyone would ever understand my messages! Still, I had fun tapping on the key!

Not sure what plants these are- just thought they were rather nice, so I took a couple of snaps!

 One of the cables... and my hand pointing to it!!!
I was trying to make them look more interesting - did it work? It was one of those "Is that it???" moments when we stumbled across it poking out of the sand. For something that’s so important (for without the development of cable and wireless communications, we wouldn’t be where we are today!) it’s rather unremarkable in appearance, isn’t it!

I have a brain like a sieve, so if you want to find out more it’s best to visit their website!


Looking towards out next destination....
The Minack Theatre

I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I was at being able to visit the Minack. It had been on my wish list for quite a while. I think it was the thought of a somewhat eccentric lady, defying convention and building her vision virtually on her own (though she did have help) was the thing that has always appealed to me, rather than the overall spectacle of the theatre itself.- It's a truly magical place and the lady, quite literally, made it! It is always the story and human side of things that really impress me- and Rowena Cade was certainly a corker!  

The place is a little daunting if you don't like heights, and I must admit that at times I felt a little wobbly myself, but the views are simply stunning. Well, they totally made up for all the times when I was clambering over granite ledges, wishing that I had a sturdy, tweed clad chap (a dashing one of course) to hold on to!

I would really love to see a production here, but it was too chilly that day to even contemplate booking to see "Jamaica Inn" that evening....such a shame!
Some oft the sub-tropical plants on show....
Seats with the names of past productions on...

eek, my knees are going weak just looking at this snap!

Mad men!
 Looking back towards Porthcurno and and the Telegraph museum.


Silver PIXIE hat..... ahhhhhhh!

Original wings made for the 30's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Again, if you would like to read the History of the Minack, then please do visit the website- the background history is fascinating and well worth a read!
 ( Image of Rowena Cade found here)
Day Five: St Ives and Mousehole

Well, what a dump St Ives is! I'm trying my hardest to think of something nice to say about the place, but it's really hard when it's everything you hate..... Crowded, overpriced and mainstream! I had visions of it being this wonderful and exciting place, filled with quirky shops (hopefully vintage tat filled), but alas, no. Instead, it had expensive surf-y type shops and a Cath Kidston.... I rest my case!

We didn't even do any of the cultural things like the galleries either (and I was so looking forward to seeing Ben Nicholson's leaky pipe too!). We were so disheartened, cold, hungry and miserable after our short wonder into town that we decided to get out quickly.

Ah, St Ives... the place to avoid.
I could see no reason why all the artists used to flock there!

It certainly had some very pretty buildings and I'm sure it would be lovely place on a sunny day with no people in it! I did quite enjoy the little train ride into the town of despair, though obviously I much preferred the return journey!

Mousehole....  aka our saviour!
After the horrors of St Ives we made our way to Mousehole for a much needed tea break. It's everything St Ives isn't and much more to my liking.

One of me looking rather scruffy and ill... and the oldest building in Mousehole.
The only picture I took that day! Made me chuckle it did!

So there you are- the second instalment. You may or may not get the next in a couple of month's time!

Tupney xxx
A sneak peek... haha, what a div!
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