Thursday, 31 March 2011

You will travel….

…..said the gypsy lady.

Hullo All… have you forgotten who I am?!
Well me deari-o’s I have been feeling rather poop (certainly not Tickety Boo as my name suggests) for what seems like forever, so this has meant that I haven’t been very post happy-or rather, I’ve been very post unhappy.
So here is a little something to get me back into the run of things…

Inspired partly by a meeting with an old Gypsy Woman the other day, and a post on Vintage Peasant blouses by Lauren at Wearing History (My how my blue eyes turned green once I had seen her blouses!)
So for this post I decided to turf out my drawers in search for my little bloose (blouse). I went through countless drawers which seem to be packed full with a scarily large amount of vintage tablecloths…… shame I haven’t got a table to put them on isn’t it! (I lie, I have but it’s in the summerhouse) Well, I’m wondering off the point, and anyway it turned out it wasn’t in any of the places I searched, but in a plastic box instead. A box that is filled with a load of old holey undies- grrrrr, typical- my room is now in even more of a mess, all for a sake of a blouse that I cannot wear due to its delicate condition!

I’m very fond of the peasant blouse- especially the 30’s ones, all smocking and embroidery- the ones to be worn with much gaiety to match the many colours and patterns.  Like these little peasant wonders….

My little lovely on the other hand is rather more sedate, and is made from a white crepe, with smocking of the brightest colours at the shoulder and on the ickle sleeves (the middle of the cuff). Flowers and bows adorn the bodice, while the collar and neck is edged with a two colour zig zag type stitch- all very pretty, and all very suitable to wear while yodelling (well ? hmmm…). At the waist point, a few inches above the hem there’s a channel where once upon a time elastic was cased, but that’s has long been lost- not to worry, as this blouse has been put into retirement, due to holes and it’s delicate state…. One last wear won’t do it any harm now, would it…….!
ooo, pretty...

one with a hat...

I hear gypsy violins...
trying to look cool...

Dirndl: 40’s Rayon with Huge pockets!
Sandals: 40’s utility.
Hat: who knows- possibly 50’s.
Messy hair: models own.

Ooo, I nearly forgot to mention what the ‘old gypsy lady’ (her words not mine!) told me… well, apparently I’m going to travel (can’t be far as I haven’t a passport- hmm, always fancied the idea of a pilgrimage to Wigan though.),…. I’m going to be going places (did she mean I’m going to make something of myself?)…., and this, the most laughable and interesting…two boys are in love with me, yet I’m only in love with one of them! Well if these two boys are in love with me, I certainly don’t know about them!! Ah, it was going so well until the last bit….

I shall love you and leave you until the next post with a pic (yes another!) of yours truly in today’s house attire- groovy eh?!
Tada all
Tupps x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Birthday Mummy...

... For yesterday!
Lots of love mummy (hehehe, sorry but I s'pose it could be worse ma!)
from your loving daughter...
Tups xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mystic Mugs Horoscopes- Pisces

Uh oh, Mystic Mug is (again) behind with her horoscopes- but to be fair she is a mug and hasn’t any hands, so typing is hard…blame me entirely and ‘DARN’ to my laziness/forgetfulness and the rotten mood that I have been encumbered with for the past few weeks!
Tickety xxx

Pisces the Fishes
February 20th to March 20th

When you have met a friend who has grown stout early in life, find out is she was born between February 20th and March 20th, when the sun is passing through Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The ruling planet of this sign- represented by two fishes- is Jupiter.
People born at this time often have round, colourless faces and light blue eyes. They are below medium height, with small plump hands and feet. The sign rising at birth may, of course, modify the physical type.
Pisces people are extremely kind, obliging, sympathetic and very humane. They will go out of their way to do a good turn, even to a stranger. They are very hospitable; often giving away things they need themselves.
It is one of the chief pleasures in life to entertain their friends and relatives. Pisces people will give the most plausible beggars the benefit of doubt. It is one of the water signs of the zodiac, like Cancer and Scorpio, but it has not the strength of Scorpio and is kindlier than Cancer. Remember that Pisces is  rather a weak sign, so that its children require very careful training.
There is natural ability for business and household management. The men of Pisces are often very fortunate in business, building up huge concerns and acquiring a fortune very easily. They are fortunate in the catering and provision business.
When in employments of others the Pisces man will be conscientious worker. If hid salary is small he will not complain, but will look around for a position where he will be better appreciated. He makes a very good employer, often spoiling his work- people with kindness.
Should the Pisces man have a difficult time when young, because of family and environment, then he will find progress in life strenuous- and real success may not come until the middle of life. Health might also be a source of trouble, these people suffering through chest and lung weakness. Unless there are other indications in the birth horoscope, the Pisces man does not aim high in the professional world.
He may take up medical work because he is a born physician, although surgical work may be repulsive to him. He will often forsake the orthodox methods for healing without operation, herbal treatment and natural remedies. In this direction both the men and women of Pisces are clever if not brilliant. The men are also successful as publicans, bakers and in hotel work.
In house property the Pisces man is also fortunate: transactions in this direction proving generally remunerative.  He is intuitive and intelligent rather than intellectual.
In his love affairs he is rather fickle, especially while young and because of a weakness for the opposite sex. He marries very early and there is often a large family. He has a great love for wife, home and children, and although he may have various flirtations after marriage, they are often of a superficial kind.
The Pisces woman is very feminism; she actually thinks that men are superior creatures (ha, I think not!), which shows that she suffers from an inferiority complex! With this outlook, she often marries early!
(The Next bit is a real hoot!)
When very young the Pisces woman is often plump and fluffy, like a kitten , but without the claws. Other women do not dislike her, because she is always read to help and admire, and is never envious of jealous. She has an instinctive idea that she is placed in the world to marry and have children.
These women are very domesticated- good housekeepers, cooks and nurses. When leaving school, if they must earn a living, they usually take up hospital nursing, cooking, or domesticated service, and are fitted for, and happy, in these callings. Picses women are incurably romantic’ they do not expect much of men materially, but they can be supremely happy with the Don Juan type of lover, in whom they will place implicit trust.
If they have money they are ready to help a lover, not having the sense to realise that they are helping to demoralise the man. Pisces girls have more love disappointments than any other sign, because they are ready to trust and serve. Only a few are really fortunate in marriage. Even then happiness comes through the numerous children, and the security of the home.
Pisces women have not a strong mental attraction for men. They frequently marry men much older than themselves who are attracted by their strong femininity. Occasionally Pisces women do well in business, in confectionary, tearooms, boarding houses, hotels and nursing homes. They like a business with a home, rather than with a commercial atmosphere.  In youth they dress well and are rather attractive, but the people of this sign get dumpy and fade rather quickly. Ti try and reduce is dangerous, as Pisces are designed by nature to be fat.
The children of Pisces are very shy, sensitive, often backward and are ready to weep at the least provocation. These children are very impressionable, imaginative and adaptable. They often do not like to sleep in dark rooms, and to a certain extent this wish for a light should be humoured.
Pisces is a psychic sign, and the strong imaginative faculty may enable them to see things, and in the dark most pictures appear grotesque. A sympathetic parent or nurse will soon overcome this weakness. These children often get into bad company and they take up undesirable habits very quickly, the boys often smoking or drinking to excess. This habit, in a lesser degree, applies to the girls, so that a religious training is very beneficial to these children.
Children falling under this sign are not particularly brilliant at school, but painstaking and plodding, always wishing to excel or at least to give satisfaction. A Pisces child who fails to pass an examination is more sorry for the teacher than for his own failure. The boys are often clever at figures, drawing and art. The girls are clever in music, art, dancing, and domestic economy. They love animals of all kinds and prefer a live dog, rabbit or bird to the most expensive toys.
Although the health is not robust, the constitution is strong and the life is usually a long one. There is a tendency to chest or lung weakness and colds may be frequent. There are also tendencies to gout, rheumatism, and dropsy later in life. These people are often very careless in matters of health, and the more serious complaints usually come through their own neglect.
Pisces people often eat and drink too much. They should eat a small amount of lean meat every day. Milk, butter green vegetables, salad and fruit are good. Bread potatoes should be eaten sparingly. These people do not care for walking. They usually ride everywhere, but walking is their bet exercise.

Mystic Mug. xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Love and Kisses….

…. Carmen Miranda. Ooo arhhh!
Just a little something I picked up recently. Isn’t she just the bee’s knees?! Thinking back, I’m glad I decided to take her home… you see, I had the choice between a photo of John Gregson, or a photo of the delectable Carmen Veranda (hehe), and as I already have a cut out of John Gregson on my wall, and the fact I don’t want to be constantly reminded about Septic’s tragic end in Angels One Five, I went for Ms Miranda.
Seeing CM every morning when I wake, will cheer me up no end- I’m sure!

Couldn’t resist doing some more photographic nonsense, so Tickety here went and had a rummage through her scarf collection, pinning a few whatnots here and there in homage to the lady in the tutti frutti hat!
Just a bit of Fun!

* I would have flattened off my curly top, but it’s the first day of my weekly set and I didn’t want to go against the wave!*

beads galore...

Secretly I wish I could shimmy around in an outfit adorned with countless spangles, big shoulders, sporting a bare midriff, and wearing long skirts with cheeky splits…donning countless turbans or natty hats, all worn whilst fluttering some false eyelashes and doing some fancy foot work in a nifty pair of platform shoes,…but alas, I cant- I am too long and stringy with no rhythm or outfits to match, so such flamboyant fancies would be wasted! Ah well, a girl can dream…

Ta Ta all
Tups x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sun and a Film*

*Film pronounced Fillum of course!
Yesterday, like today was such a joyous day. The sun was finally shining and there was a subtle warmth in the air- not warm 'get out the deck chairs warm' but you know, enough to take the chill factor down a peg or two- ha- take that my winter blues- we have sun…. oh and I was off to the flicks in the evening (the Kings Speech)- the first of the year, so I had things to look forward to too!
I’m afraid I got a bit carried away with such sunny weather frivolities, and  pulled out my white linen skirt and bolero suit, teamed it with a sprigged blue and green blouse, and my pink 40’s sunnies! (The only original part of my outfit! Also not pictured!). I was rather pleased to get out this costume- maybe not quite right for this time of year, but this didn’t stop me, and anyway, there was no way I was going to dress in something dull if I had to be (stuck) at work on such a lovely day.
Haha this one makes me laugh- a short timer…at least I smiled!
.. I can just hear my ma saying…" 'ere she showing a bit of leg!"- Honestly!
In the evening I had a rummage, and had great fun picking outfits out ready for my outing- even donning completely inappropriate evening dresses- just because I was in the mood and because I could! Ok, so the full length numbers were a no-no, and there were some depressing moments when I tried on a dress that I have grown too tall for (sticks tongue out at my legs and the shortie that owned the dress originally!)- It was actually the dress I had planned on wearing, but there was no way I was going to show off my knees in public!
Finally I picked two dresses- my navy crepe and another 40’s American brown crepe dress (one with issues!) both had their good and bad points, and both went with my pink heels that I had set my heart on wearing….after all that dressing up nonsense, I picked a totally different dress (needs no excusing, I’m a girl!)- My very first in fact. Mum magically ironed it larger and longer (hurrah to the extra wears I can now get out of this dress!).
I dressed, found my 37 coronation brooch, clipped it to my favourite navy coat (my only navy coat!), slipped on my pink 40’s peeptoes and I was away to watch the kings speech.
 Whilst approaching the cinema I got ‘ what on earth are you wearing’- but I didn’t care as it was hurled across the street from a right scruffy lot, and any hoo it was soon cancelled out when a very well dressed older lady complimented me on my outfit.

my first 40's dress.... sniff, sniff.

As I have said before- big shoulders are a weakness….

All in all the film was very enjoyable- quite funny in fact. Mind you, I was a little niggled about the speck of dust that kept on moving in one scene- first you see it, then it’s a shot of someone else, then back on to Colin Filth (hehe)...hang on, where’s that white fluff? But that’s just a minor quibble- but an annoying one! As for the surroundings- rather nice as modern picture houses go- luckily I was on the end of a row so I could stretch out my dying legs, wiggle my numbing arms and sort out my annoying necklace clasp that kept on catching on my ye olde beaded hairnet- darn it! Why did I wear both? (note to self: wear one or the other, NEVER both). It was soooooo embarrassing trying to untangle it in the foyer, none of my friends could do it, and it was made even more cringe-worthy by the fact every body was staring at me! Oh, the swift side glances, the ever so loud whispers and the obvious head to toe lookers- my own fault, so I can’t complain….
I just loves it I do- shame 'bout the missing stones :(
That’s about it for the mo- nothing more or interesting has been done in the world of Tickety Boo Tupney- not been out and I have done nuffink!!!

Cheerio Tups x
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