Monday, 5 May 2014

The Dot, Dot, Dot, Dash Dress!


I really can’t believe it, two things started and finished in the same year! Yes, I’m back again with my second Sew for Victory project…. The ∙∙∙ ─ dress.

To be honest, this project has been a little personal victory for me. I started out with great trepidation as I feared the pattern was beyond my dressmaking capabilities; but now, after finishing the dress with relative ease, I feel like I can take on anything I so desire…. well, to a degree! It has given me such a boost in confidence and a much needed one at that.

This pattern included top stitching, gathers, a placket and collar- all the things I hate doing, and I did ‘em all like a big girl! 
∙∙∙ ─

 Ohh, such pretty waist and hip details...
∙∙∙ ─
  My first of four corners clipped, turned, pressed and tacked! I was so pleased with my efforts as i really didn't fancy the idea of all those corners and points at the beginning, but there will be no stopping me now! :)
The front of the corselet ready to be top stitched to the bodice....
∙∙∙ ─
The Finished Dress: Take One!
I say take one because I thought I had finished it and finished it I had! Everything was done- the collar, the placket, the belt, the hem- everything. All done. Then I went on my merry way outside to do the photos, came in, uploaded them to the computer and went…. “Well, well, well! What’s going on ‘ere then?” I suddenly noticed a load of ugly folds around the shoulder and neck. I looked like an American footballer with the way the bodice fitted or should that be, didn’t fit?!
The thought of having problems with an ill fitting bodice didn’t even cross my mind when sewing. I just thought Mammy had made all the necessary changes, but you never can tell- it’s those pesky sleeves and collar, I tell yee!
So, Mammy had to do a load more lifting and fiddling to add and take out the extra fabric in the bodice until the neck and shoulder once again fitted properly.
∙∙∙ ─
The Finished Dress: Take Two!

 Such lovely shoulders....
The placket of pure pain. There was me, all content with my placket. Beautifully sewn and hand slip stitched into place ( I absolutely HATE doing plackets- I seem to have a mental block towards them)… turned it to the right side and what did I find? I had only gone and sewn the facing and under flap to the wrong sides! I felt such a divvy and a prize one a that! It’s funny, or not so funny really, how the first attempt went so smoothly in, yet everything that could go wrong did on the second attempt!

A close up of the fixed shirring...
∙∙∙ ─
And here's a load of me in  it!
The Back...

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new dress, but I’m a little annoyed with my choice of fabric. (honestly, what was I thinking!) In hindsight I should have used a lighter coloured and less patterned print as you lose all the lovely details on this print. I think the detail is going to be like my embroidered knickers-  I’m the only one who knows its there! ;)

 Not to worry though, as I have some very pretty plain blue fabric in the stash and so another dress of the same design is on the horizon...Watch this space!
All the best,
Your Tupney xxx
∙∙∙ ─


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Victory Knickers- for Land, Sea and Air!


Hurrah, Sew for Victory project: part one is done!

Who knew that a lot of work, angst, and a few tears here and there could produce such a silly pair of knickers, eh?
Oh and what troubles they have caused. Since the first moment these knickers have been called the 'disaster knickers'- everything to do with them seemed to be against me...I didn’t care much for the resizing (I had to lose 3 ½ inches in the waist) and I didn’t care much for the buttonholes either, but I must say that everything in between went swimmingly!  

I should warn you that there are rather a lot of photos to follow- 'tis the result of not keeping the blog up to date with my progress… sorry!
(I'll keep my witterings to the minimum to make up for the onslaught of snaps!)
^ The Pattern....
Part of the design traced onto the fabric.- I took the images from period books and a couple came from original embroidery transfers too.  Then I had a jiggle around with the images on the knicker leg until I was happy with the design …

^ The first completed embroidered leg showing the whole design....
^ The finished set. Unfortunately I didn't have a dashing pilot to hand for the photos...
On Land! Little tanks make surprisingly cute trim for undies!

On Sea! Some battleships of the Senior Service....

And its in the Air!
It just wouldn't be complete without a Bomber and a chunky Hurricane!
I used a really simple (like me!) back stitch for the embroidery.
And I decided to hem each leg with vintage bias from the stash, and then hemmed by hand....
^ the faced waistband- I thought it was rather an odd way of doing the waistband, but hey, it turned out ok!
Don't mention the war... I mean, buttonholes!
They were such a pain in the posterior. The last thing I had to do and I only went and slipped with the scissors whilst unpicking the the top buttonhole. Yes, I now have an unwanted hole in my knickers! :(
The Brassiere....

Yes I'm rather pleased with my top stitching- quite enjoyed doing the bias bit!

And finally the fastening- My sewing machine didn't like sewing over all those layers and elastic, so don't look too closely! Also, I have just noticed something wrong and its going to niggle me now. Why didn't I notice the different directions of the folds in the elastic before, eh?

So there you are. I doubt very much that Bombers and Tanks are to everyone's taste for underwear decoration, but then again, they only have to appeal to me and I just loves 'em ;)
Actually, while I'm still on the subject of undies, last week or so (can't remember- the last few weeks seem like a blur!) I picked up some more parachute silk... perhaps more undies are in the pipeline?
Anyroad, I shall love you and leave you with a sneaky snap of my Sew for Victory dress!
I'll post a blog about that tomorrow...

Tickety x

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