Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Knit for Victory: The Cape.

Hello everyone! Remember me?
 I have been feeling rather sorry for myself over the past couple of months, and still am rather. So, as you can imagine, blogging has been the last thing on my mind.
Seeing as I have totally missed the whole “Happy Christmas” and “Happy New Year” wishes on here, I hope and trust you all had a good’un anyway. My Christmas whizzed past and, as usual, ended up in a blurry mess of exhaustion. Then there was New Years… well, that was simply non existent!
 Not been up to much myself, so have little to report on great and exciting happenings. I have, however, finished one of my ‘Knit for Victory’ knits… Hurrah for a positive!
I’m extremely pleased with the outcome and swiftness of its completion. I’m pretty sure it took me a week to knit, and I’m in no doubt that it could have been finished in a weekend if I had set my mind to it!
To be honest, there’s not much to write about. The knitting went smoothly and the sewing up was a doddle! Unlike my other KforV knit, which is a right pain in the never mind.- honestly, I have never had so much trouble with sewing a knitted up before!
The only troubles I remember encountering were to do with the tension (the astrakhan yarn from my stash came up a tad too fine in comparison to the original), and a dodgy row (I was such a plonker and did two rows the same, and only noticed three inches later!), but apart from that, it was easy-peasy.
The whole garment was knitted in Stocking- stitch with garter stitch boarders, and comprised of only three pieces- the hood and two sides.

I was rather impressed with how the cape knitted up. The main part is just two pieces with a centre back seam. There was something very pleasing with the shoulder shaping- I loved how a flat piece of knitting was transformed into a boxy marvel with just a few decreases here and there!
Oh and I totally forgot to take a snap of the hood. Mind you, it was just a long strip of knitting, so hardly a visual treat!
 And the finished article...
I chose some super vintage glass buttons from my stash for the neck fastening. I decided to use something a bit more special for this just to lift the whole thing a wee bit- well, otherwise it's a bit bland being all black!
All in all, I'm extremely pleased with my little cosy cape. I consider it a great success (in my eyes!) and have plans on doing another when funds permit.. It's just so nice to have something that actually has turned out how it should. Of late I have had so many knitting failures! (more on these at a later date!)

Little Miss Pixie Hood! Oh how I love the hood!
Anyway, that is enough from me.
Hope you are well ....
Tickety xxx


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