Friday, 12 July 2013

Reflection of a Sweetheart.

Hullo, it’s me again!
I’m back with the latest edition of RAF Friday…. No, really?! Kind of obvious I guess!
Anyway, a couple of weekends back, I was having a rather unsuccessful shufty around an antiques fair. I’m pretty sure we, mammy and I, had been there well over an hour before I found my first purchase…. How awful, eh? I had nearly given up hope, but then I came across a stall with several things to tickle my fancy!
The first thing to catch my wonky eye was a tea cosy- a purple fluffy affair- and I duly paid the lady before wandering a little further up the same stall to the sparkly bits….I looked down and there it was…Another RAF compact (remember I already own one)... My heart went all a flutter as it tapped danced around the table (the compact, not me!), singing out as he went along, “Buy me! You need me! I will rid your nose of shine and I will make you smile every time you look upon me…. So bloomin’ buy me woman!”.
Ahhh, my little R.A.F. beauty.....
Well anyway, I did my usual “should I, shouldn’t I?” before I whipped out the dosh and paid the lady. I think she was pretty pleased I bought it (really she was!),  exclaiming joyfully “oh, you always buy something from me…”! Well I had to buy it then- can’t disappoint my people- hahah! :P

 Dinky, slim lined and well, compact!
 I was rather pleased with it being a Gwenda "Tap Flap". The nifty spring loaded mechanism means you don't need a sifter, so it's less messy than the other loose powder compacts. Actually, in the days before Pappy had found me my current RAF compact, I used to use a "Tap Flap" every day! I must say that they are fab little compacts....

  Here's a creepy hand snap (don't think hand modelling is for me!), demonstrating that a swift tap in the centre will release just enough powder to dab on ones shiny hooter! Posh eh!

 Little Dolly Deco Tap-flap meet Mr Tap-flap- he's in the RAF don't you know!
For ages, well two weeks, I've been trying to work out what my super new compact reminded me of, and then I suddenly remembered......

It's like the beautiful tiles in one of the bathrooms at Eltham Palace!
I'm almost certain that I will now be powdering my nose and making sure mt lipstick hasn't worn off more often!
Anyroad, here's to a wonderful and sunny weekend...
All the best,
Tupney xxx

RAF Fridays so far...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Simplicity is Beauty.

Today I thought I’d start uploading some of the beauty pages in my vintage magazine collection. After all, it would be hopeless for me to do a ‘get the look’ post, seeing as I’m cack- handed (in all ways) when is comes down to the make-up side of vintage beauty… I only seem to be able to curl my hair!
This is a great little article from March 1944. No fuss, just simple makeup!

To be honest, this is my usual routine whenever I wear makeup anyway. Though I don't use an eyebrow pencil, just Vaseline, as I have unruly eyebrows that would probably look like escaping caterpillars if I tried to do anything to them!
I assume that the foundation cream they are using in this article is a good old  "Vanishing cream", or in today's terms, a primer/ face cream. I'm pretty sure that by the 1940's there was a concealing type product available here in the UK, but at the moment the product escapes me- not that it would have been widely used or available with all the pesky shortages anyway!
Oh and note the exclusion of eyeshadow and eyeliner flicks! ;-)

I tried my hardest to get my hair like the hairdo in the picture (what a beautiful model!), but I failed miserably! Still, I was rather pleased with the curly top I ended up with, hence a snap! I would so love to say that my skin is indeed fairer than Snow Whites, but that would be a big porkie -It would take a bloomin' miracle to make my skin look lovely. Alas, no, I had to use a few special effects to detract from some of the blurriness, which is why my skin looks perfect! I only had a choice of two pictures to choose from- this one and another of just my beloved kitchen cabinet... oh and that one was the only one in focus- tsk, typical!!! Anyhoo, camera batteries are now fully charged- yay!

Do you have any other 'vintage' makeup tips?
Or are you lucky and just powder your face with sunshine?!

Tupney xxx

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Patterns Aplenty!

Well I never… I’ve finally had a good knitting pattern haul! My Charity shops have been lacking somewhat on the knitting pattern from for some while, so just imagine my amazement when I came across some more to add to my collection. I really was pleased as punch. :)
 ♥ ♥ ♥
The first bundle came from a local charity shop. I had nearly given up hope of ever finding a single old pattern in there ever again. Then, on Thursday, I noticed they had sorted out the patterns into neat folders (reminiscent of my own), and I thought to myself “oh go on, it will only take a jiffy to look in them”….and low and behold, I found these lurking in the back!

Five of the Eight patterns from the charity haul....
 ♥ ♥ ♥
The second bundle came from some lovely dealers who I know from my flea fair trips. (Many a treasure I have had from them- including my baby’s gas mask and set of WI sewing books.) I had a quick look at the pile, pulling out the three that I wanted, and then I was shown a little wartime cracker that was put away under the table…..I had to have it!

How about some woollies for the convalescing man?
Stump Sock, anyone? Certainly a pattern to make you think eh!
 ♥ ♥ ♥
My third and final bundle, consisting of a whopping 21 patterns, came from a charity stall. I also found Mammy a lovely pair of cherry red 40’s shoes from the same stall, and they were a bargain at £5! I’m. Not. At. All. Envious. Still, I can’t complain as I went on to find all the following patterns….
(there are some cracking designs in the Home Chat booklet)

 Victory V?

 I have designs on knitting these cami-knickers...

Beautiful Peggy!

I was really pleased about finding this one. I have a scanned copy of it already, but nothing beats owning the original!

  What can I say? Last week was obviously my week for finding patterns!
Must go, sunshine and some sorting awaits....
Tupps xxx

 P.S. Sorry for the large amount of pictures… I had to scan them all because my camera batteries need charging!

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