Thursday, 31 May 2012

Coronation Crackers... Two days...

The Countdown!

Two days to go...

The Coronation and the BBC

"A guide to the sound and television broadcasting arrangements for the Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953
issued by the British Broadcasting Corporation"

I literally jumped towards this booklet when I saw it, mainly because my Grandpa worked for the BBC and because he was at the Coronation too.
I think he was working with Raymond Baxter in Trafalgar Square on the day, as part of the BBC Outside Broadcast Unit, and knowing what Grandpa was like he was most probably doing something technical!
*News Just in.....My Gran said that if anything went wrong, he was there to put it right!*

See, what did I say, Technical!

I think I should put a picture of my Grandpa in this book, next to Raymond.

" the following pages tell the story of the part played by the BBC in enabling listeners and viewers throughout the world to participate in a moving and historic occasion"

....and to think, my Grandpappy was part of that!
They even give you a map, marking the route taken from Buckingham Palace and the return route also....
where there are BBC commentators and even where they have placed BBC Television cameras!
Oh and here is something for those who have not got a Television yet, but still want to see pictures of the Coronation...

A little less exciting than seeing the pageantry in all it's splendour on a 10 inch black and white screen perhaps!!!
 What about being a spectator in London- oh, I certainly wish I could time travel, though I'm sure I would have to stay overnight, just to do a bit of clothes shopping...maybe get my hair cut properly and perhaps, stock up on knitting patterns and wool! You know, the usual things one would do if you had the ability to time travel ;-P
I can't even begin to tell you how good these slides are-
I have three wheels in total and they are all in colour- Oo fancy!
And now for something completely different.

Two glass dishes.
I'm sure I had three... maybe there was an accident and someone hasn't had the heart to tell me yet!
Well, that or I only had two in the first place, though I'm quite adamant at the fact that I had three...
Maybe I am loosing my marbles?

Quite the good looking couple! Perfect for putting some celebratory nuts and nibbles on!

TTFN Ducks,

Tupney xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(^all of those kisses are to make up for the fact that I am boring you all xxx)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coronation Crackers- the final countdown!

Yes it's the final count down!

And for today's instalment I have decided to group my crafty bits together....

First up, some Stitchcrafts and look (LOOK- I'm actually squealing inside at the moment!) who appears on the back *all sigh*
Yes, it's the extremely handsome Roger Moore!
of course I don't like Roger at all- no, not at all ;-D

^A nice fluffy bolero (I was thinking about knitting that!) and what about that mug- haven't found one like that yet.- I have seen a similar 37 one though....
Haven't got a gold Coronation coach either- well I nearly did, but I was stupid and didn't buy it!!!

.... and some single knitting pattern leaflets.
I want to knit them all!

I was thrilled when I came across this pattern, as I have the original cardigan!
Unfortunately it doesn't look it's best anymore as it shrank in the wash, and it now doesn't have a waist, it's too short in the body, blah, blah, blah (I have the original measurements to prove it!)
I think I will just have to knit another one to make up for the now, shrinky dink cardi.

I know I have monkey arms, but the sleeves weren't that short!!!

A needle booklet- I have a larger framed print of  'Liz on my bedroom wall!

Now the next one I'm not sure of the date, but I'm guessing it could have been  made in 53- maybe as a school project, showing the first Queen Elizabeth perhaps?

Isn't she cute- a bit moth nibbled, but cute nonetheless?
Oh, and she has bloomers and everything, though I didn't think they wore bloomers in them days!!!
I take it that modesty prevailed with the seamstress who made little Elizabeth- well most people do look up dolls skirts to see what undies they are wearing, don't they- don't they? (or is it just me!) Surely we couldn't have a queen caught wearing no nitters (Knickers to normal people!), could we now!

Well Cheerio Folks
Tomorrow’s instalment will be....
actually I have forgotten, so you will just have to wait!
I'm sure you can hardly contain your excitement, eh!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Coronation Crackers.

Ok, yet again I have neglected my Corrie posts, so to catch up and to commemorate the final days count down, I shall be posting daily until the weekends festivities (oh you lucky people)!

First up, the catch up….


Pretty Printed Tin Plates..... which WONT be use for food at the weekend!!!


One of those items when the box is just as good or better that the actually item!


Something for both ends......

Vinolia Baby Powder
detail of the lid.
A cute hankie- I love the illustration on this one!

A lovely hand-painted tile, picturing Balmoral.


Coronation Towel- I haven't been able to get a better photo of this yet as it's under my bed,
 which is a very dangerous place to go.....
it has all it's original packaging too!


My latest purchase is this Terry's Chocolate Box
(I wouldn't mind being given some chocolates if they came in a box like this!)
...and this little embroidered hankie came inside the choccie box!
Here's to tomorrow....

Sincerely Yours,

Tupney xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday Treasures.

One year older....

Oh dear, I feel very old! I may have only turned 23 yesterday, but I can hardly walk today. I don’t believe that age can creep up on you that fast, so it must be the after affects of playing, well, ‘trying’ to play badminton with my sister at a garden party! Honestly, it’s no laughing matter, as I’m finding it ever so difficult to move from the waist down at the moment!

Ah well, luckily I have been able to relax today, and because taking photos of presents isn’t too taxing and also involves minimal use of muscles from the lower half of ones body, so that’s what I have been doing!

 Want to see what I have been given? Well, tough shoe leather if not, as I’ve done the photos  now…..

I've taken the snaps of my pressies with some of my birthday cards too ;)
Unfortunately I have a couple more bits to show, but they were upstairs and getting them seemed too much like hard work for an ache riddled Tupney!
From Ma and Pa...
Horlicks Tablets tin and 30's MOP Arrow brooch.
I knew this wartime Horlicks tin was on it's way as I found it-  isn't it grand!
(I really miss Horlicks tablets as they were really scrummy.)
... More treasures Mammy had found.
1930's stratnoid brooch of an Ice skater and a lovely embroidery of some flo flows!
...Again more of Ma's finds.
1951 festival of Britain Compact and a sweet 1940's crocheted thingy for a dress
(I'm sure I have the pattern for this!)
One of Mothers finds again!!!
I love these types of necklaces so much... now I have two!

A Lovely 1940's reversed carved perspex brooches-one of my pressies from my Sis,
ans a glorious 1930's wall mask- isn't she Divine!
Quite some gifts, eh!

From a very lucky old, but oh so achy Tupney...

Cheerio for now,
Tickety xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around.

A few weeks back I came across this knitting pattern in a shop- really I was flicking through hoping for a more fruitful reward, but I just found two pullover patterns for the chaps instead- this 70's creation and a rather lovely 30's one (see below!)

Now he's what I would call dashing
and the pullovers not bad either!

I normally stay well clear of the 70’s patterns, but I broke my own boundaries just for you, my dear readers (don’t tell me I never spoil you!) as I thought it was something interesting to show on me blog!
What’s so interesting about a dog-eared, dodgy old pattern I hear you cry?  Well, my little chickadees scroll down and all will be revealed…….


Tada- look familiar?
Well yes Tupney it does! And?
Tis the same pattern, but if you will just scroll down a little further…..

…Tada x 50….. I have the pullover as well! I bought this from a flea a few years back and also, pre finding both the ‘47 and the 70’s pattern. Pretty cool don’t you think? I did think at the time that it looked familiar but as usual nothing really clicked! How’s chances eh! Actually pretty high as I know another fella who owns the same pullover.... must have been a popular design I guess. Shows how nothing is really new...

Inside the 70's pattern it reads :- It's Cool, man!
Fair Isle from the thirties is back! Designed on mini style lines for trend-setters, or knit a size larger for more traditional looks. Reprint of a very old favourite.

Also as and added bonus....
A knitting pattern that has gone too far!

A health vest is one thing, but health pants? This is when knitting for men shouldn't be allowed.


Tickety xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time.

Tickety's Tip Top Tunes.

I must admit it's not my favourite Andrew Sisters tune, as I like their more up tempo, foot tapping stuff, but hey ho there’s no denying that it's still rather pretty!

Tupney xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Miss Baked Bean of 1943

...not again! Why do I always end up looking like I only have one leg?

My latest creation is this baked bean coloured, linen shirtwaister- my Grannie insists it’s rust, but I’m still adamant that the colour is the same as the beanie goodness found in a Heinz baked bean tin! Russet or bean orange, I’m still pleased no end by the outcome of my little sewing fling. I say ‘my’, but Mammy did have to re cut the sleeve heads and armholes (amongst doing other bits too) as the original pattern didn’t fit quite right –yeah, I’m not a normal shape! By this time, old Tuppo here had lost all hope of ever completing it (like most of my projects to date L)- still it’s finished now, thank goodness.  In my defence, I did sew most of it, so I’m claiming it as my victory, well *cough* a victory that couldn’t have happened with out the ‘Ma’s’ expertise!

The original Pattern....

I shall have to state a warning here, as there are far too many photo’s coming up. I just cannot choose which pictures to put up….. When in doubt bung them all on the blog instead, I say!

Sincerely Yours

Tupney xxx


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