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So whats in Tuppy's Closet?

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Hopefully I shall keep this updated, but then again it's a blog run by ole Tuppo here, so don't count on it too much!

*Warning: this page contains A LOT of pictures of me- scroll down at your own risk*

Late 30s Bobbly Jumper- Cardigan (HM)

1920s Summer Dress (HM)

1940's "Wings for Victory" Blouse (HM)

1947 Pink and Black Chevron Dress (HM)

1940's Candy Stripe Skirt (HM)

1944 Duster swimsuit (HM)

1950's cami-knickers (HM)

40's Cable Pullover (HM)

40's/50's green velvet and fur trim coat

1942 Suit (HM)

1940's Brown Cardigan (HM)

40's Blue Jumper (HM)
1930's Playsuit (HM)

1930's Sprots Blouse (HM)

Raspberry cardigan (HM)

1940's Crepe dress with grapes!

1940's Orange Linen Shirtwaister (HM)

1930's Green Satin Pyjammies! (HM)

1950's Play Suit (HM)

1930's Chubby Knit (HM)

1930's Check Jacket (HM)

1930's Blouse (HM)

1920's Crazy Patchwork Dress

1940's Moss Green Crepe Dress (HM)

1940's Black Tilt Hat with Scarf

Betty's Wedding Dress 1947
1946 Date Maker Jacket (HM)

1930's Linen Suit on an outing! (HM)

1940's Navy Crepe Dress (HM)

1940's Vogue Blouse (HM)

1940's Lacy Knit (HM)

1930's Linen Suit (HM)

1940's Navy Dress.

1940's Green Check Dress (HM)

1940's/50's Two Tone Skirt

1930's Skirt and Quick Knit

30's/40's Pattern Crepe Dress

1940's Leaf Crepe
1940's White Linen (HM)
1940's Navy Coat

Hungarian Blouse

Late 1940's Green Dress

1941 Check Coat
Tank Regiment BD
1940's Sheepskin
Siren Suit
1950's Nightgown
Late 1930's Blouse (HM)

1940's Blue Gown

1940's Navy Crepe
1930's/40's Velvet Dress

(HM) = Home Made.

Sincerely Yours

Tupney xxx


  1. very nice clothes...
    ciao ciao Christa

  2. Wauw!!
    You are great at posing - the pictures look like real vintage photos!!

    Christine from Denmark

  3. Oh my goodness, love the way you put these outfits together!

  4. Hi Tupney! :) I found an information about you in Brittany's blog and I'm glad to read you! You look gorgeous and such an authentic. Really like it!


  5. Love your blog, your style, and especially that you sew. Awesome, you are beautiful.

  6. You look absolutely stunning! I myself "live" in the 30'-40's. I tend to follow some blogs but yours is the first one that really struck a chord in me, your photos are amazing, I'm a photographer (aspiring so far but have an eye for it). Most blogs you see out there are leaning towards Rockabilly and 50's cup cake and a lot of the girls have big tattoos which I feel takes away the genuine "vintage feeling" but you look lovely!
    XO Shira

  7. I absolutely love every one of these outfits! Your style & wardrobe are very inspiring! xoxo, Tina

  8. I just found your blog and you look absolutely stunning! What wonderful clothes and tastefull pictures. The outfist you sewd and knitted your self is very nice.

  9. found your blog via solenn's tutti frutti vintage,
    so glad I did, beautiful outfits, lovely knits,
    I admire your knitting and sartorial skills,
    very inspiring, hopefully I will be there once :))

  10. very Greer Garson in the Mrs Miniver sense !


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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