Friday, 22 November 2013

A Hankie For A Sweetheart...

(Not that I’m saying I’m a sweetheart… though, originally it would have belonged to one!)
Hello and welcome to this week’s RAF Friday!
First of all, I must, must thank the lovely Jo,( who blogs over at Objects of My Affection) for picking up this treasure for me. I’m over the moon with my new hankie and I must say the boys are rather pleased with it too (my little RAF dolly chaps). Actually, they can be found snuggled up in my cabinet underneath their new bedspread right at this very minute! Yes, I’m crackers, but don’t tell anyone hey! ;)
Anyway, it is a most welcome addition to my collection, as I had been on the look out for one for quite a while- I'm so extremely lucky!
So to the pics....
The cotton trimming on the hankie is so incredibly sweet!

^ I wonder if Tyrone gave Betty a hankie like this in the film? ;)
Nah, probably not- he was a bit of a stinker in it... lovable, but a stinker nonetheless!

^hehe, that is one unimpressed Airman... Ah well!
Oh look how it matches my little powder compact!

So "Thank you" once again to Jo... I just loves it I do!
Well, that's enough from me...
 Have a very merry weekend all.
Tupps xxx
(Oh and I haven't made up my mind about next week's addition yet. So far it's a toss up between some photos and a piece of jewellery- so stay tuned to find out next Friday!)
RAF Fridays so far...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Cover Girl Jumper. 1940

I feel really proud at the fact that I didn’t stray away from this bit of knitting… okay, so I may have strayed from a different knitting project to start this one, but still, I didn’t wander from this one and now it’s FINISHED!
The pattern is one I had been eyeing up for an absolute age, and then I suddenly remembered that I had the perfect wool in the same colours stashed away- Now, I say that’s a sign!
So with the perfect yarn of ply, colour and weight in hand, I started with great gusto and speed....
...And, due to the ply of the yarn and the size of the needles, the pieces quickly grew. Then, about two weeks later, excluding the intermission of a week’s holiday and a bout of flu, I suddenly had a super new jumper to sew up! Actually, I usually do most of the sewing up as I go along, and then it’s not such a daunting task at the end ( I know I’m not the only one that dreads the task of sewing up!).

I also had to knit with three needles, which is something I’ve never tried seriously before. I found it all a bit fiddly, though I managed the neckband in the end! For some reason I kept on dropping stitches at the end!
All teeth and yellow buckets!
Not sure what I was doing with my hands (how huuuuge do the look?)- Twas rather cold out, so I was probably trying to warm them up!
Notice anything different? ;)
I started out with my hair rolled up!
This stitch is one of my favourites to use- I think this is the fourth time I've used this simple slip stitch pattern...
Here's a close-up of the stitch. Not sure what's it's called, but it's really easy to do!

Just posing near the compost, as you do.... I'll probably get the whole "why did you take the photos there..." spiel again , but I like the shapes of the crumbling fence, so there!
Just fiddling with Mr Gnome- he had fallen over!
Outfit Details:
Jumper: 1940's pattern- vintage wool from stash.
Blouse: Mummy make from a 40's pattern.
Skirt: Part of a suit made by Ma (who else!)
Socks: Knitted by me from a 40's pattern.
Shoes: My beloved '40's brogues. (one of my best charity shop finds.... ever!)
Cheerio for now...
Tupps xxx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Knitting For Victory!

Knit for Victory: a 1940s-inspired knit-along

Well Hello There!
Today I will be sharing my project entries for the 'Knir For Victory!' knit along, hosted by the ever so talented, Tasha; of By Gum, By Golly fame. :)
I've not been too great at keeping up with the blogs, including my own, so I didn't find out about the knit along until a week after the start date. Actually, I found out after quickly logging in and seeing Lucy's blog post pop up in my blog feed!
As luck would have it, last week I started a new knitting project, and it just so happens to be a wartime knit too! Cue my first entry....

It's a very pretty lacy blouse is it not?!  The pattern called for Star Sylko cotton, no.5 (I think) or 2 ply wool- so I chose a really fine cotton in a pretty lilac colour from my charity shop stash. I actually started this last Sunday and I must say, I'm really pleased with the results so far. I'm hoping to have this finished for Christmas, but I'm pretty sure that the making up will be fiddly, so who knows if it will be finished by my deadline!

 My second project is this dashing little Cape. Although not a pattern form the 1940's, it comes pretty close for being in a December, 1939 issue. I'm pretty sure any lady contemplating this pattern at the time would have been wishing for a speedy Victory! Kind of sad to think that they would have to wait over five and a half more years for it to become a reality.
(I'm hoping this project won't take that long!)
Oh and luckily I had a stash of Astrakhan wool, which also looks to be enough for the project!

And lastly, here's a simple knit form the unfinished pile! I'm adding this one in because I'm sure it would have stayed unfinished for many more months to come if I didn't inflict a deadline on myself! So far, I have completed two out of the five pieces (a sleeve and a front). To be honest, I really want to finish project to see how much leftover wool I have for a future Crochet project that I have lined up.... obviously I want the the jumper too but, at this moment in time, a stripy crocheted pullover is more appealing!
As you can see my chosen projects are quick and simple. I haven't chosen anything fancy because I get so stressed around this time of the year as it is, and I certainly don't want to complicate things any further with fiddly stitches. I have pledged that this Christmas will be a stress free Christmas (Ha! Is that possible?), and I'm sure these projects will see me through the coming weeks with a smile on my face, and not the usual tense shoulders and furrowed brow!  
I'll be back with regular updates, so wish me luck!
Oh and has anyone else joined the Knit For Victory knit along?
Right, I'm off to knit and watch White Christmas... I know, I know, it's too early! :p
Tupney xxx

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

♥ Coronation Cuteness ♥

Hullo there!
Blimey! I haven’t updated the Coronation Crackers page since last year’s Diamond Jubilee countdown… oh dear!
Well, how about this little brooch to keep the page ticking over until I dig out my latest Coronation ware… Will it do?
It’s such a dinky little item and a ‘daddy find’ at that! :)
The teeny tiny pictures of the Queen and Prince Phillip are so sweet ....

Well done daddy for finding this treasure! ♥
Tupney xxxx
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