Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I shall start off with a rather nice tune from White Christmas (I prefer Holiday Inn myself- thought you might like to know that!)  Isn’t Bing Crosby simply lovely…… and his whistling is something else- I can barely make a sound! You are probably thinking what on earth that has got to do with price of fish, as he doesn’t actually whistle in the clip, but you have got to agree that he certainly knew how to whistle!
I really wanted to post a clip of The Andrews Sisters singing ‘Winter Wonderland’ or even the Perry Comb-over (Como) version but couldn’t find them- HUFF!

It may be blooming chilly out, with winds whipping up a rosy glow onto ones cheeks but I say…. you can’t beat a jolly jaunt in the country, when the town is covered with an icy but powdery blanket of snow. We have only had an inch but somehow that’s enough to excite little old me….. Isn’t it funny how something so cold can make you go all warm and fuzzy inside?
While trudging through the snow, the crunch made by my sheepskin lined booted foot gave great delight (simple things for very simple minds… oh, and I said ‘foot’ but it should be feet as I do have two!). Even with the likelihood of slipping over, the snow has made me thoroughly happy and has lifted my otherwise limp spirits. This morning's walk has been like prancing around on top of my grannies Iced Christmas cake (yum). If only the snow was made of icing sugar and the pavements made of marzipan- forget the gold, I’d much rather have the marzipan!

Such weather not only causes great gaiety (unless you have to drive) but also gives us the chance to pull out the winter wardrobe that has lain dormant since the early year. I do like a nice coat, so my early forties blanket coat was awakened from the closet. It’s certainly my warmest and most cheerful coat I own and the colours are perfect for this time of year. Hat wise, I chose a knitted hat that my ma had knitted (dad thinks it looks like a flower pot- ta very much Mr!) Nothing fancy today as I was off to have my hair cut, which is now much shorter (eek) with most of my perm gone too (NOOOOOOOOOO) oh well, some thing to look forward to in the New Year. On the shoe front, I wore my Morland zip up boots which come just a few inches below my knee- thankfully they are slim legged and are far superior to Wellies, well, they are in my opinion! I was extremely lucky to find them and plainly see that they will be worn a great deal this winter. 

Pictures of my Coat and curly top tomorrow, as I forgot to take a pic today- oops!
back to the knitting....

TTFN, Tickety Boo Tupney x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Need for Woollies.

My, it’s been mighty chilly, with temperatures fairly low due to fog and now frost, and it’s without doubt time to think about the winter wardrobe. Luckily I’ve been blessed with many a nice vintage coat, all of which are from the 40’s and early fifties, so I don’t need to worry about that… I have plenty of tweed skirts which have seen me through both the spring, autumn and on some occasions, the summer - so again, I have no worries there! Slacks- check. Hats, Berets and Scarves- check,check and check. Plenty of useful woollies- erm, well, I have plenty of said woollies, some of which are ye oldie but none of which are that useful, due to shrinkage or style!
Hang on there… how did this happen? I’m forever knitting, so why is this, the case?!  I’ll tell you why… I never knit anything of much use and when I do, I never finish it…. And here’s the evidence!
 Appalling, isn’t it.
In the picture you will see a
-1930’s cardigan/jacket (blue)- needs the ends tying in and buttons.
-1940’s red sailor type coatee, which needs the buttons…
and a sock- just one sock- naturally!
Hmm, can you tell that the making up is not my forte?
At the mo, I have an early 50’s Tyrolean cardigan on the go- with bobbles and all! With only a sleeve and a bit to go until the dreaded sewing up! After that, I have plans to knit a chunky thirties jacket to wear with my new 30’s/40’s hat which also sports a Tyrolean air….. But it’s less than 5 weeks to Chrimbo, so that will be put on hold until I’ve finished crafting some novelty (in other words useless) woolly wonders for presents!

I’ll leave you with two photos, to show off a recent knitted triumph…. Me stockings!!! Knitted in two ply- they’re just the ticket for these wintry spells! By the way, imagine the last photo all nice and in focus!

Off I toddle to try and sew a blouse….
Tickety xxx

P.S. the suit is the one I mentioned in my post about Goodwood

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hullo Playmates!

I’m not ashamed to say that I am indeed an Arthur Askey fan,  and like Tommy Trinder (sigh) and George Formby (bless him), Arthur Askey has the ability to lift any weight from my shoulders, smooth a frowning forehead and well, simply makes me smile when spirits are low. Hurrah for Arthur Askey!

I have watched the box set many a time through, taking great delight over Miss London Limited. It has the catchiest opening tune ever! Honestly, after seeing this you will find it hard to get rid…. It doesn’t actually feature our Arthur but it does include Anne Shelton’s voice of velvet (love her uniform!) and Evelyn Dall, who wears an outfit of dreams! The Captain at the end (can’t remember his name- tut tut) isn’t half bad either or as my Grannie would say- easy on the eye!

Cheerio All or should that be…. I thank you!
Tups x
….. the choo choo from Waterloo choo, arrives in platform….. do di do.. sorry x x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Uh oh …..5 weeks to go! Game N0.1

 Righty’ho ho ho my little Christmas elves, it’s just under 5 weeks to Christmas and my extended advent calendar in me noggin (started since late October) will soon make way for the choccie variety (is 21 too old for one….. naaaaah). And the count down is most certainly on. Unfortunately the excessively quick demise of these calendar dates only highlight my ‘to do’ list even more and I am determined for it not to end up like last year and in fact all the years previous, where I leave everything to last second, get rather ratty and mess up my enjoyment of Christmas eve.

This year I have taken it upon myself to provide the Christmas Day entertainment….. And no this doesn’t mean I will be hiring a brass band (however much I would like to) or to put on pantomime- oh, the mere thought sends a shiver… my acting ability is more wooden that  Mrs Santa’s wooden spoon….. That is, presuming she has a wooden spoon… I don’t know? She might have preference over a metal one! Oh dear I’m veering off course again….. Now can you see why I never get anything done in time- Huff.
No, my entertainment comprises of vintage games- naturally!  Mainly all dating from the 1950’s and all designed to either bore or frustrate you in just a matter of minutes- perhaps that comment is a little un just, I find them highly amusing myself….  
Over the next 5 weeks, I shall endeavour to show off each game that has made it into the line up for the Christmas day festivities- how exciting!

First up is…..
Table Basket Ball (Woohoo!!!!)
Bought yesterday with Christmas and my collection in mind…….it’s blooming fantastic, yet falls into the frustrating category. I think I’ve only managed to get the ball in once every 50 or so shots…. not a particularly good game for those who are stubborn,  as they will hog the ping pong ball, refusing to let go of the firing position until triumph prevails- In need of some rules methinks! Any ideas?

It’s in mighty fine condition (I think it spent life forgotten in a cupboard, cast aside for the thrills of Meccano) and states…. ‘Moulded in shockproof high impact Styrene’…. Fancy!

Off to practice!
Tickety Boo Tupney x (The Christmas Kid)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I want that House!

All I can say is....... What perfection! A nice price to boot!

Just imagine the house coats you could swan around in, in that house…..

7 bedrooms.... think of the house parties.
Garage for two..... I fancy a Standard (but maybe we would have something a little fancier too!
2 ½ acres... what glorious garden parties.... sigh.

One can only dream.
Tups x

Friday, 12 November 2010

The wonders of Horlicks...

Oh, the adverts they use to come up with in days gone by…..This one made me chuckle a little.

So now you know the reason and the answer when you find that your other half is less than keen to take you out…..you look more like his mother and you need Horlicks!….. I ask ya, the cheek of her husband……. YOU deserve the credit, Dick!

I don’t know about needing Horlicks myself, something a little stronger perhaps?..... I’ve just been to tend on the beeping microwave, only to discover that I didn’t put any milk into my cup! I can plainly see it’s going to be one of those days!

Tickety Boo x

P.S. I know, I know, heating milk in the microwave isn’t very vintage and that I should be using a milk pan instead, but it’s a lot quicker and saves on washing up!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

I shall go to the ball......but I'm not sure which!

 Due to my computer crashing at a most untimely moment, I have been catching up with posts from all you very glamorous gals. And after reading the post by Tea with the Vintage Baroness about her outfits ready for the festive season, it soon got me thinking about my own finery that I would love to prance around in, in the up and coming season of much merriment.
Day to day I am ashamed to say that I’m not very glamorous. I’m more at home wearing slacks, tweeds and woollens. I have no interesting social life that calls for the wearing of such finery like ball gowns, scrummy velvets, and swirly crepe de chines, so yesterday I played dress up in some of my dressier clothes that have never  (as of yet!) had an outing (boo-hoo) and to take some snaps. You lovely people will probably be the only ones ever to see me in my ball gown!

So here are some of my outfits- oh and photos that divulge a shameful amount of posing!
I also must ask you to excuse my rotten photography….I was in no way going to get someone else to take the photos of yours truly as I wouldn’t of been able to of kept a straight face, so I have made use of the self timer.
And the first outfit is…….
A 1940's velvet dress in a true cadburys purple with diamante detail around the neck, with fab draped pockets and ruching just under the waist line- all of which you can't see in this photo! Also why does my waist look soo high up? Must be the angle, I guess. Also must find a different belt soon as I can see this being a Christmas day dress...... ahhhh, Christmas! Oh, and nearly forgot the shoes- again 1940's, peep toes with an abundance of sparkles.

A 1940's navy heavy crepe 3/4 sleeve dress with pretty white embroidery with diddy beads around the sweetheart neckline and sleeves, with a half belted back and ruching up the bodice.
And to end...
A 1940's? Ball gown in a Peacock blue/ green brocade with a peacock feather detail. As you can see it's a tad too big! I felt very unlike myself in the picture on the right! As you can see- it's not a dress you can wonder up town in!

Cheerio All
Tuppy xxx


At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  The Two Minute Silence is observed on Armistice Day, the day which marks the end of the First World War.
File:Royal British Legion's Paper Poppy - white background.jpg

To all the men and women of past and present conflicts, who fought and fight for their country in every way. And to all those who survived and to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. WE THANK YOU AND WE WILL REMEMBER YOU.
 Tickety Boo Tupney xxx


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just to say that I'm still here!

I have spent most of the day fantasizing about being a domestic goddess…. HA! I shall butt into my own conversation and say that Domestic Goddess I am certainly not. I hate to employ the term’ Domestic Goddess’ but it describes what I so crave for at this very moment. Mind you, I may want to live with pixies tomorrow, so I’m sure these fanciful ideas will be soon forgotten or live as long as it is needed for me to find out that it’s near impossible for me to change my clutter bug ways. To be honest I’m barely house trained (not in the doggy way!!!- the washing up, cooking and tidying way!) but I’m sure I would be more house proud if it were my own little abode!

So let’s face it, my fantasies shall stay only fantasies as I’m one of the most un-organised, messy and quite frankly lazy (sometimes with good reason!) people I know.
However, this doesn’t stop me from dreaming about whimsical ideas of  flitting  here, there, and everywhere around the house, all made up perfectly and wearing a sprigged cotton house dress with my hair swept up in a careless but oh so glamorous fashion, attending to all the house hold duties ……(my parents are probably beside themselves with laughter at this very moment)
In reality I was sorting out my beloved knitting pattern collection, which I put to you, is no walk in the park- of course in my pyjamas, looking like I don’t know what…..Funnily enough I seem to work better in my jim jams!
This soon grew tiresome and anyway I ran out of poly pockets (so there!)

I decided to turn my hand to a spot of cooking and again I’m no culinary queen, either! I shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen and if allowed, supervised at all times. I manage to use every pot, pan, bowl, spoon, lardy- lardy- da, (you get the picture!) possible.  I may be messy when cooking but I am cautious, so to avoid disasters…. And I did rustle up a tray full of cheese straws…… super yummy they are too!
Here’s the recipe if you fancy some yummy, yum yums.
4oz Plain Flour
1oz lard
1oz butter
2oz cheese
1 egg yolk
salt and cayenne pepper (a pinch)  cooked at 170- 180’ c  375’F (mk 6)
6-10 mins

Sieve flour with salt and pepper,
Rub in fat,
Stir in grated cheese,
Add egg yolk and mix into a dough (add a little water if necessary)
Roll out and cut into straws….

Cook and eat….. yum yum yum.

That’s all for now as I must get back and tidy up as the sister and her fella plan to return at the weekend.....
I also have a couple of photos to share from my holiday but my Pops is in Germany at the mo so I am unable to post them.
I also have knitting news and plans to revamp my blog space….
Tups x

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