Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Leicester Square Rag Song

Tickety's Tip Top Tunes

I can't begin tell you how much I love Harry Roy and his band, but lets just say I like them quite a bit!

This tune isn't my favourite of his, though don't get me wrong it is indeedy still a corker! No, my favourite song is still to be found in sheet form- I have Billy Cotton’s version, but not Harry boys.... I’m not going to tell you what it is; otherwise you will know what will be coming in next week’s edition! I’ve got to maintain some suspense to this here blog.

For some unknown reason I have two versions of this tune in sheet music and both featuring Harry Roy- I'm not complaining or nothing, but it is a little queer that I would buy another! All I can think is, either I had a memory lapse or it must be a subconscious thing.... Harry Roy = MUST BUY!

Quite a jolly old song isn't it!
In my opinion I think this tune would be a good’un to dance to… ok so I can’t dance myself (where's Victor Sylvester when you need him eh?), but I can see the potential for a bit of rug cutting nonetheless!

Cheerio from a Leicester Square Ragamuffin

Tupney xxx


  1. Yes it's a very jolly song!!

  2. It's definitely got the kind of beat to it that makes one want to polish their dancing shoes and hit the floor for a night of fun! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. At work at the mo so will give this a proper listen when I get home. I must admit my fave is still My Girl's Pussy. I'm also a fan of She Had To Go And Lose It...


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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