Monday, 11 June 2012

Anchors Away!

Well shiver me timbers, Tupney be showing her legs!
I know, shock horror!
Well needs must, as you can’t show off a playsuit wearing woolly stockings!

Made by my Mammy dearest in the summer of last (what little summer we did have), before the hot weather changed to the usual grot. Bloomin’ typical is what I say- just as I get a snazzy suit to prance around the garden in, it dampens and cools!
It hasn’t even been properly worn yet, as I’m terribly fussy about where and when I wear my ‘leisure only’ appropriate clothes- I’m not like these modern misses, who seem to wear the ‘in’ playsuits anywhere and everywhere! 
But anyway, that’s enough of my clothing eccentricities!

 I’m not quite sure why I never got around to doing the ‘show and tell’, well, most probably laziness, but better late than never eh!

So said in a salty sea dogs lilt…. ''Ere you arrrre my lover, 'ere be me playsuit!’'
Oh and lots of very silly photos :-D

Doing my best Shirley Pimple….. I mean Templeimpression. ;-)

Ahoy there young jolly jack-tar!

I think I'll try this hat next...

… No, maybe this hat is best….

Yupn this is the one...
The Back...

Made from a 1930's pattern in a rather fetching blue cotton, dotted with red and navy anchors... well, anchors with hearts on!

Do you like my 30's Anchor brooch too? Twas a pressie from my big sis- couldn't be more perfect for this outfit, eh!

Hehe- I've just noticed the pink curl (I wasn't brave enough to going back to being a pinkie full time!) Blimey! These photos are really a year old!
Sincerely Yours

Tupney xxx


  1. i just discovered your blog! and oh boy what a beautiful sailor dress you are wearing! did you made it by yourself? the pattern is soooo gorgous! i want to make myself a dress like that but i´m sure i won´t find such a fabulous fabric with anchorhearts print on it:( oh i really can´t come over how beautiful and chic you look!

  2. This outfit is just about the best thing ever!!

  3. Excuse me while I go green with envy! On a side note, I was bidding on the same pattern about a year ago, but due to computer issues, couldn't get online to up me bid... You wouldn't happen to know anything about this would you? :) If Mammy Tupney's up to it, I'll have one with little ships on xx

  4. Soooo cute! And I covet all your hats!

  5. Isn't your mum clever, that is one luvverly playsuit :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  6. Aw, it's lovely, and you look fab in a wide brim hat! Wish summer was here, for all of us...

  7. Gorgeous playsuit. What a shame it's more winter coat weather at the moment!

  8. Lovely playsuit

  9. You look adorable as always and the hats are rather yum, too.

  10. I absolutely love the fabric and the playsuit looks wonderful on you.

  11. Wow! I looove this post :D
    your playsuit is so cute and the photos are lovelyyy!
    Great post :)

  12. What a lovely outfit, looks fab on you! Hope the sun comes out soon so you can wear it :)

  13. Very nice Tupney! With that, you are ready to anchor away anywere!

  14. Ooh, I just love that playsuit! Perfect print, and a matching brooch of course. They're something I always admire on others but never wear. I'm thinking I need to change that soon and sew up one myself for lounging around!

  15. oh I love it! and I'm drooling over your straw hat collection too!

  16. SO sweet! When you say "playsuit" does that mean that the lower half of the garment is shorts (what we Yanks might call a 'romper')? ~ because it looks like a beautiful pleated skirt...perfect length..! Your mom's a great seamstress!!

    & ps gave you a little shout-out here:

    1. yes, sorry the lower half are shorts!

      Thanks everyone and I'm sure Mammy will be pleased that you all liked it!

      Tupney x

  17. That playsuit is adorable, SO much nicer than these modern things they pass off as "playsuits".... Now if only we were all as lucky to have such a skilled mother as yours is! You are a very lucky Miss indeed :)

  18. This dress is so sweet! And i must say your hair is amazing! Just discovered your blog and am in love! xx

  19. You are one of the most authentic vintage lovers I know off, love it!

  20. What a great dress! It's perfect. And these anchors with hearts... <3

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Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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