Friday, 10 February 2012

The Flying Knitting Pattern Man.

^ thats the title for my first musical- I'm sure it will be a hit! ;)

Well me folkies, I have very little to waffle about, so I thought I will show you something of little interest or use!

A while ago I bought a rather interesting photo album recording the road trip of a young couple and their Morris Minor, showing their travels from Gibraltar to the Uk.
Well, I’m not showing you the Gib photos (yet!), though I will show you another photo that was found in the same album, but in negative form.
There were several intriguing negatives teasing me with shadowy outlines of dishy airmen, a Morris Eight and a Hurricane! (I would say these negatives are a sign. Don’t ask me what kind of a sign, as I couldn’t say, but I do like Hurricanes, we have a Morris eight and I like seeing photos of dashing young RAF chaps too!)

Luckily for Tupney here, I have family in the ‘know’ and I was able to get these negatives scanned, so I now have them as proper snaps! All rather Tickety Boo!
One of my new snaps immediately reminded me of wartime knitting pattern I have. The men pictured are rather alike, don’t you think? Ok, they aren’t identical, but quite similar! If I found out that they were the same, then I would probably hyperventilate.  Knitting + RAF chappy = one extremely happy girl…. No, no, wait…. Knitting + RAF chappy + expert ukulele player = perfection and one keeled over Tupney! (Yes, I’m odd, but just you wait- I have a feeling that there is such a man out there!)
Anyway, I shall leave you to gaze upon the men in question, as I have to go and and pin up my hair…
Lovely man A.

Lovely man B. with nice cardigan!

Over and Out!
Tupps xxxxxxx


  1. I quite fancy Gentleman A. He reminds me of our Patrick in his RAF uniform. Swoon!

  2. What a wonderful thing to find, hope you share the pics. I could spend hours looking at old 'photos, poring over history so to speak.

  3. Wow that photo album sounds amazing! I agree both chaps are rather dashing, and I am sure your
    Knitting+RAF+Yuke player is definitely out there somewhere, if I find him on my travels I'll certainly send him your way:)

  4. Twins, maybe? Desperately looking forward to the road trip snaps, are the outfits just as fantastical as I'm thinking?


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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