Friday, 21 September 2012

Double Trouble

Dearest Readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of RAF Friday, and may I please introduce you to two very fine chaps.. Valeri 'Mothy' Canada and Harry 'Ginger' Hawk.

Today is all about my little mascots. You may remember Val from a bygone valentines post, then again, you may not and you can read a bit more about my Val here.

Ginger however is new, well, actually he has been residing with the TBT collections far longer than our Val, but he’s a bit camera shy- he only agreed to be photographed after finding his best side – vain creature….

So TBT readers meet Val and Ginger…


Val and Ginger meet our dear readers…

Quite the handsome pair!


So there they were, sitting, or in Harry’s case, sprawled out on a table, looking terribly unloved and tugging at and playing every heart string like they were members of the Squadronaires (Harry on Bass and Val on Piano) doing a very teary rendition of ‘All the things you are’. How on earth could I just walk on by and leave them there...all unloved, and sad, and lonely, and in Val’s case injured, and, and, and… I just couldn't.
Once our eyes have met across a cluttered stall, then that’s it- They’re coming home with me!

Call me a sentimental old fool (I know that I am), but I can’t pass a pathetic looking airman without wanting to look after him and knit him sweaters! At this point I should say ‘dolls’, but I’m sure it would probably be the same with the human kind too! ; )


The little corrugated hut was made by my daft mammy and is what Harry came in on the merry day!

Young  Harry ‘Ginger’ Hawk was a Christmas present from the Christmas before last. I had found him at a flea, casually spread out on a table with some other dolls. I couldn’t have given a monkeys about the other ones, as naturally Harry was the one I wanted. I thought he was going to be terribly expensive being a Norah Wellings little fella and all, but actually he was quite the opposite….Hurrah!
I don’t really know a lot about him. I’ve tried to do some research, but have found practically nothing.  Norah did produce several Airmen under the name Harry the Hawk, and they were sold to raise funds for the RAF comfort funds. Though these dear chaps have Jumpy-suit type flying thingies on, with helmet and goggles and a parachute too, which my little fella most certainly doesn’t have…. My Harry just has a shrivelled up tie, a cap (which is so cute) that is held on with a pin and faded blues! So I’m guessing he’s not a ‘real’ Harry the Hawk!

Actually, if he was life size I’m not sure I would want to meet him up a dark alley- quite scary from this angle (Harry, I thought you said this was your best side…), but at pocket size he looks quite the cute little imp!

Val on the other hand was adopted at last years wartime weekend in Pickering. He was left shivering on one of the outdoor stalls. It was a terribly junky stall, but unbelievably the prices didn’t match the cruddy persona of said stall. Blimey he was expensive. I dare not even say how much was forked out for ole Mothy here- I’m quite embarrassed by it! Though, totally worth it I may add : )
Like Ginger I wished that I knew more about Val...

(Luckily Gingers adoption fee equals out our Vals!)
A bad close up of Vals Cap!
At the moment Valeri wears one of my normal pairs of wings- I'm still on the look out for a RCAF pair in my price range- I've found a button though!
The latest of dear Valeri and I-  he looks a little uncomfortable with the way I’m holding him. Then again, I’m sure I would look just the same if someone had their hand on my derrière too!

Well I guess that's all.
I'm going to say now that next weeks RAF Friday is looking a little dodgy- It might go to print, or it might not. All depends on how organised I am : )
(not likely then eh!)
I'm also going to do a clothes post over the weekend as I need help again!
Happy RAF Friday All
With much love as always
and Harry
RAF Friday so far....



  1. Ooo I love RAF Friday it's become ingrained in the fabric of my week! x

  2. A) Those little fellows are adorable! And what a sweet story.

    B) I absolutely LOVE that photo of you with Valeri!

  3. Oh, how darling! I love the corrugated hut. Genius and adorable!

  4. I had no idea such dolls existed, but am completely smitten now - especially with the little Canadian chap (being a Canuck myself with relatives who served in the Canadian forces during WW2).

    ♥ Jessica


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