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♥Knitting Pattern Stars AKA “my knitting ladies”♥

This post was meant to be posted a couple of weeks back, but as bloomin’ usual I have felt like doing very little! Well, better late than never, eh!

I’m sure everyone knows by now how much I like knitting, and most of you probably know how I idolise the mannequins that grace the covers of the patterns that I treasure so. If not, then I absolutely adore them! They are always so perfect looking- I guess that’s why they are models!

I have been coveting and collecting these little pieces of knitting history for about eight years and I have always wondered, right from the very beginning, about the mannequins themselves. Who are these glamorous gals that captivate me so? Surely they have names, right?  

Well, it hasn’t been at all easy trying to find out about these girls let me tell you! So popular and photographed perhaps, but ruddy difficult to trace! Like I said before, its taken eight years to get this far and I’m slowly but surely making a list of names- Hooray!

So, it gives me great pleasure to unveil my new blog venture ….
Yes, I’m going to reveal their names one by one! Oooh, exciting! (Well, it is for me because they are my idols!)
I’m going to start with the latest name I have found, and as it happens it’s also the name of my favourite!

 S'pose I better reveal her name then....

So Tupperettes or Tupp'eenies (Tupperettes sound’s medical!), let me introduce to you  my favourite model in the whole wide world, Miss Peggy Chester. (I think a trumpet fanfare would be a good ideal here- for dramatic emphasis and all!)
This jumper is a must-  wonder if I could make it now that I can crochet...?

Peggy Chester.
These four snaps of Peggy can be found in my first knitting pattern book.  15 or so knitting books and eight years later...!
 I had mixed emotions when I first discovered her name- it’s really silly and very sad, but I was totally taken aback by the discovery (Yes, I’m really daft!). So much so that tears welled up instantly on sight of her name. I’m actually getting a bit foggy now- there really is no hope for me…. Tupney, for goodness sake woman- she’s just a model!
It was one of those double take moments, where one couldn’t quite believe what one was seeing!
This is a very lovely little snippet of information and all, but....
 I now want to know what service her husband was in... when they got married... his name... yes, I'm nosey!

Now, I may have her name (she says jumping with glee!) but finding anymore information about her has been a very tricky affair indeed. All I have found, so far, is that she was one of the mannequins chosen to showcase British fashions abroad in South America during the war. Peggy may have also been one of the mannequins that also gave a private preview of the fashions to the King and Queen, but I can't be certain of this and may be making it up!
Isn't she just perfection?! Beautiful and elegant
Ms Chester can also be found in adverts- Players, Vantona and WI dressmaking courses spring to mind. I've also seen her as an extra in film shorts too...

I shall leave you with one last knitting pattern featuring the Lovely Peggy and a tip top tune to match!
I could go on posting images of her as I have so many examples- but I must stop and sort things out :(
So there you are,
Mannequin no. 1
Of course, it goes without saying, if you know anything else about Peggy Chester or are a relative and don't mind sharing more information about her (?) then I would absolutely love to hear from you! (Well I like to hear from you Peggy related or not!)
Have a great weekend everyone,
One very happy Tupney xxx
(P.S. Happy RAF Friday- normal services will resume next week!)



  1. Oh! I hope someone can supply some information. I want to know now, too. Especially if her husband made it home ok. I once spent the better part of an afternoon googling the names of a high school couple I found in an old yearbook. I was thrilled to discover that they did marry, and then I was saddened--genuinely--to find the man's obituary. It ended up being a better story than if I'd watched an old movie!

  2. I've often seen this girl on patterns and in magazines and have often wondered who she was. Looking forward to hearing more about some of the otheres too.

  3. Oh YES! What a wonderful project!! I too have often wondered about these lovely ladies, and I have seen Peggy Chester on many knitting patterns! I love that you're trying to track them down, that is really fantastic. I can't wait to hear more!

  4. What a lovely post - thank you! Its great to put a name to such a familiar face. Keep up the detective work!

  5. How great to put a name to the face! That's so exciting. I hope that you manage to find more information. She graces the covers of many of my most favourite patterns. Good luck on your quest!! xx

  6. What a fabulous idea for a series of posts. I have previously known Peggy as marvellous eyebrow woman so it is lovely to know her name and a bit about her. I hope you manage to find out about other models. Great collection of patterns.

  7. This is brilliant and thank you for sharing your results. I've had the same thoughts about a particular model in some '40s magazines I have, I wouldn't know where to start. Can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks again, loved this.
    Hen x

  8. Hat doffingly impressive detective work, dearest Tupps! I don't think it's silly at all that you got a touch emotional when you finally unearthed her name. I'm an avid family genealogist and have felt much the same when finally uncovering certain elusive names or important dates for various ancestors.

    This is a marvelous idea, undertaking, and series. Thank you very much for your hard work and drive to put names to certain yesteryear faces. I'm so excited to meet more of these models through your wonderful posts.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Well done, great detective work. She's very glamorous, I love the reindeer jumper :) xx

  10. Wow, this is amazing! I definitely have some patterns in my collection featuring this lady.

  11. I love this sort of thing! I now want to know if her husband came home. They all looked so elegant, poised and glamorous compared to today's models etc.

  12. Such a brilliant idea! I've noticed this lovely lady on many of my patterns - so fascinating to find out about her life. Looking forward to the next installment!

  13. My favourite model, how many patterns have I bought just because she was in the picture? Too many! Wonderful series, but please get RAF Friday going again, I can't work out which day of the week it is wtihout it! Oh, and that's a rather tasty pattern (Bestway 1237) isn't it?! Jennie xx

  14. How wonderful to have a name for a face I see on almost a daily basis. Peggy must surely be the most prolific of all knitwear models. I was once told by an elderly customer that Peggy was an actress but gave her an incorrect name and my search for her ended. I'm delighted that you have managed to find out more about her but now like you, I want to know so much more.

    Susan x

  15. Caramba! You have done a wonderful job of detective, I'm eager to find out more about this beautiful lady, she was so glamorous! Do you will continue with research on other ladies of cover knitting pattern too???

  16. Oh this is fabulous, what great detective work! I also have many a pattern graced by dear old peggy and her perfect brows so its lovely to finally know her name and a little more about her, though like you I would love to know more! xx

  17. I'm arriving very late to this post so not sure if you'll see my reply. I was delighted to see this fabulous model named. I have a few patterns with her on the cover and she is definitely my all-time favourite. I managed to find a bit more information on her. In 1937 she married a Canuck by the name of Wallace Stuart Finlayson, known professionally (actor, director) as Wallace Douglas. He did indeed survive the war, but their marriage didn't last. They divorced in 1946. She remarried the following year but again divorced in 1954. She died in 2004 at the ripe old age of 90.

    Some sources:

    ~ Bridget (another Canuck!)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

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