Friday, 1 February 2013

The Real Deal.

Hullo All!

Some of you may remember me showing you the patch that I embroidered for my quilt? Well, if not, here's a snap of what I'm on about to jog your memory.
"My Attempt!"
Here's the link to the original post
Well, forget about my measly attempt because the real deal arrived in parcel form a couple of Fridays back!

It certainly puts my embroidery to shame-  It's so neatly worked. (pah!) It took all my strength not to show you then and I'm glad I can finally let it loose on the interweb now.

So, what do you think?

I know nothing about the original owner, except that it also came with the sweetest little aluminium frame. I'm pretty certain that they belong together; due to the fact that both frames have the same thick, black tape on the back! I know, this hardly confirms anything, but the tape used isn't the sort that is usually used on such items. My ma says it's 'mans tape' and thinks it was embroidered by a chap and I must say, I rather like this theory! I like to imagine that the chap in the frame is also the chap who embroidered it! Oooh, perhaps he did it while convalescing or perhaps 'he' did it whilst in the confinement of his P.O.W. camp, and then gave it to his beloved?!!! OK, maybe its a little fanciful, but the Red Cross did ask for people to send items to keep the POW boys busy...who knows?!

These embroideries could be worked and framed like my one or used to decorate different household and personal items (more ideas can bee seen in this snap). I particually like the Radio Times cover.... I want, I want, I want!

And the frame that came with the embroidery...

^ What I call a dish with a fine head of hair!
This little frame is only 3 x 4 inches and is super cute.
I love the fact that this frame has printed inside the words...

"Real Aluminium
British Make "

A real sign of the times!

All in all, it was a very lovely little bundle to receive and will be very much treasured by me!

Oh, and here are some very silly snaps of me with some of my my pin-ups- John Gregson, David Niven, Bing and yes that's Arthur Askey in the background! Tommy Trinder and Roger Moore are also on my wall of fame, but unfortunately I'm sitting in front of them!
I hate to think what the original owner would say or think if he saw me wearing his "best blue" like this... ah well... Sorry Mr. R.A.F chappy!


Happy R.A.F Friday All,
Have a wonderful weekend...
Tups xxx
RAF Fridays so far...


  1. Oh I missed when you embroidered that, but I think you did a lovely job! And how much fun to have an original as well. That's so neat!

    I can confirm even over here that would be kind of "man's tape" too, we call it electrical tape. Even my own dad used it once on the back of a little framed drawing of mine when I was a kid. :)

    1. It's universally called man's tape then- its official. I remember my Grandpa was rather fond of the stuff and used it on practically everything!

  2. How fab that you have the original to stand alongside your own wonderful piece of needlework :-) Both are lovely and the chap is rather dashing too!

    1. Isn't he just- I have to keep him out of the sight of 'Bobby,' who hangs by the side of my bed... just in case he gets jealous! (oh I'm a nut case!)

  3. How smashing that embroidery is, and yours too! I gave up embroidery, my hands can only stand so many jabs from the needle! I'm sure Mr RAF Chappy would have been thrilled to bits to see your last pictures - I'm sure the boys would say you're good for moral!

  4. I think its quite possible the man did the embroidery as we have a beautiful (large) piece of silk embroidery done by my mothers great uncle during the first world war when he was a POW (in Switzerland I believe). Its amazingly fine work for anyone but considering he worked in a timber mill its just astonishing. I enjoy embroidery too but couldn't come anywhere near the quality. I think you should be very proud of your work, consider it your 'salute' to the dishy man in the silver frame.

  5. It's great to have an example of an original RAF embroidery but I agree that yours could happily sit next to it - there's barely a pin between them (pardon the pun!) to these eyes. Smashing pictures too!

  6. Fabulous, Im very interested in the work done by men in these situations.
    Don't knock your embroidery, m'dear, I have been embroidering for years and I can tell you this has nothing to be ashamed of. I've seen some horrendous work, much of it for sale, and much boasting attached to it too, unfortunately, stuff that makes me suck my teeth and do the cat's bum moue as my friend would say! This most certainly does not come into that category.

  7. That is so, so wonderfully cool! I love both your version (I think you did a terrific job on it) and the original. Thank you for sharing another marvelous part of your R.A.F collection with us.

    ♥ Jessica


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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