Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Knit and be in Fashion!

Well Folks, here’s you chance to be in fashion this Autumn/Winter and still be your vintage self!

Get out those pins and knit this very dashing pullover for yourself, your chap, or why not knit two and be matching….. snazzy!
As seen in the Ralph Lauren A/W 2012 collection, in the BBC’s wonderful drama, ‘The Best of Men’, and in the TBT collection!
 Looks rather nice teamed with a blue shirt...
(screen capture from the BBC)
Some of me bits...

Pattern Date
The instructions...
Look! There is even a complete pattern for some socks for the chaps too ; )
I would love to see your finished pullovers... if you decide to knit it that is!

Tupney xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it’s a must! Just think of all those lovely knitteds you could have…

  2. Love this pattern. I watched The Best of Men and didn't even notice the jumper - shame on me!! :O)
    I've knitted it before and you can see a picture of it here;


    Hope you don't mind me linking on a comment :o)

    1. Of Course I don't mind!
      It's so nice to see it in another colour way too- thanks for sharing Lucy. i will have to link it on my FB page...
      Tupps x

  3. I just watched an episode of Poirot and was going gaga at a few of the knits! I'll definitely be adding this pattern to my arsenal.. I'm supposed to knit Mel a vest like this... I keep saying I will, anyway, eep!

  4. I wish I had the time to knit for myself! I do have some lovely fair tank tops for children that I sell!! :) x

  5. I agree, it does look lovely partnered with a blue shirt - I suspect it might nicely with very pale brown or grey, too. (I'm not a knitter, so fashion related thoughts are all I can add here :) )

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I do like Fair Isle....I have a hankering for a matching beret and gloves.....but I'm no knitter and never have been despite abortive attempts to teach me as a child. I always dropped stitches then could never work out how to get them back. I also tend to knit too tight and fight with the needles as a result and I found it so slow, much preferred sewing & embroidery. A somewhat badly shaped cat blanket is about all I'm capable of or as my friend once said when we were in our teens, "She can knit anything you want as long as you don't mind it looking like a string vest!" on viewing something I was fighting with in school. My Granny knitted, crocheted and sewed/embroidered, my ma just knitted.

  7. Ooh thanks for sharing this! I have been dying to knit some fair isle. I don't know that I could convince my husband to WEAR it though. Maybe I can make it for me ;)

  8. Oh thank you for sharing this, I will link up to you on my knitting site! My Dad has wanted a Fair Isle Pullover for a while I guess I have no excuse now for not getting cracking on it! xx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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